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Teresa H
Does smoking make a person look older?
I know that smoking is'nt a healthy passtime, but my Aunt tells me it can also make me look older than I actually am. Is that true & if so, how does it cause premature aging?

it dries out your skin on your face.. due to the smoke. for a start..

over a long time it won't help your skin...

but the sun is worse for damaging the skin..

intially when your young, as much it won't affect it visabily , but as you get older it will. regardless it causes damage whatever age you are.

Aparently so!

Jackie Jaundice
Yes, it does cause skin aging, so you look like a hobo with extremely bad breath and yellow, crumpled up, teeth. I don't know why some people want to look like that...

Yes, it's been proven that smoking does age you.

Nicotine constrict blood vessels and this somehow hampers our cells from receiving oxygen and nutrition that is carried by the blood. Thus prolong smoking will cause unhealthy skin (among other harmful things) and smokers usually have dull complexion. The dermis layer of the skin is deprived of adequate nutrition which is then reflected on the epidermis ( top most layer of the skin). In due time, unhealthy skin will contribute to premature ageing.

Smoking does age your skin which makes you look older.

Old Man
Yes it does. My mom quit smoking and she actually started looking younger. Some of the wrinkles went away.

yes it can

Smoking ages ones skin

hard to say i think for me atleast it looks differnt on everyone also depnds on how much you smoke but it probley almost for sure maby yes!

please Teresa dint start smoking, i am a smoker and wish that i had never picked them up. i have chronic bronchitis, and a terrible cough that wont go away. it also isn't cool to smoke because u may look older. your time is coming to have fun, just plz don't smoke. it also causes wrinkles around your mouth and besides that the risks of smoking outway the coolness that u r looking for. as for your aunt she should encourage u not to smoke for your health amoung other things.

Top Cat
so you just want to smoke to 'look' older?

if you smoke for enough years yes same with drinking

look at a person who smokes compared to a person who does not you could tell even if they are not smoking


Smoking not only stinks, it's terrible for skin because a cigarette around the mouth causes probably much more then wrinkles.

Yes. I work in a shop and I can normally guess which customers are going to ask me for cigarettes. Apart from the way they smell, which is awful, they have deeper voices (because their throats have been damaged by the cigarettes), they have yellow finger tips from the nicotine, and their faces look pinched, grey and lined.

You know it does. It creates these little ridges right above the lips and effects the smoothness of the skin. It invades every pore in your intire body. It will not only make you look older, it will make you look dead. I saw a lung in a medical setting that was a smokers(they had died of lung cancer) and it was black and looked as if it had ridges and tears in the flesh. My friend (who smoked) had to have one lung removed from lung cancer. I beg you to quit.

yes it does

koh raymond
Yes, bcoz you're living with less oxygen.


it does make you look older. it makes your teeth yellow, gives you wrinkles around your mouth, makes your skin dull , and it makes you stink.

cheri h
toxins clog skin pores, also more lines around the lips

usman k
hi there, it sure does! i smoked and i quit! im 17yrs old and i took me a heck of a time quitting since i started smoking at 15! so below is the information that tells how smoking makes you older!

Everyone wishes to look good. The way we look and present ourselves plays an important role in many areas of our lives, especially when it comes to building good first impressions. Unfortunately, smoking does little to promote your general appearance, in particular, your complexion.

Smoking narrows the small blood vessels in your skin, thus reducing healthy blood flow. When this happens, the delivery of essential nutrients like collagen, vitamins and minerals are greatly reduced. Smoking also activates a type of enzyme which break down collagen, the main structural protein in the skin that keeps it elasticated.

Over time, your complexion deteriorates. Your skin will look dry, old and wrinkled. On top of that, frequent squinting from cigarette smoke leads to more wrinkles. You may look as though you're always frowning.

In addition, most smokers experience the darkening of their lips, a typical tell tale sign of a smoker. Other experts add that smoking worsens dark eye circles.

Smoking also affects the healing process of your skin. Wounds and scars tend to take longer time to heal. Smokers are at higher risks to infections and scabbing from operation wounds or open injuries.

Recent research on smoking confirmed that smoking increases one's risk of developing a common form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. There are over 1.2 million new cases of squamous cell carcinoma in the U.S. each year.

Fortunately, these changes and risks are reversible. Upon quitting smoking, the skin begins to recover immediately. Within hours, circulation restores and repair continues each day. Risk of skin cancer is also reduced.

So to summarize, if you continue to smoke,

You'll end up looking many years older

Your skin develops poor healing abilities

People can identify you as a smoker from the way you look

You are exposed to high risk of developing skin cancer

Don't let smoking ruin the way you look. Stop the damage now before its too late.

Crafty Cath
Just check out around a persons mouth who smokes and one of a similar age who does not, all the lips are usually puckered up.

Your aunt is correct it will make your skin dry and look older..but you can overcome this by not inhaling the smoke.

Smoking &drinking too much can prematurely age the skin,

This does cause you to look older as it makes your teeth turn yellow and your nails go all flaky.
If I were you I would try to stop smoking. I hope you know that people who smoke do not live as long as non-smokers. My aunt was refused a MORTGAGE because she smoked!

Yes, it causes wrinkles on your face.

it can age the skin yes

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