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Does rubbing alcohol help clear your face???

alchohol dries out the skin. I do not feel that it helps clear your face.try medicated creams instead

I had a friend in high school who put rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and pressed it on a pimple for five minutes. It seemed to help for a few blemishes. Otherwise, it is way too drying. Getting regular facials where the facial-giver cleans out your pores will really help. They have to squeeze them and use some products and it does get expensive.....but, it is well worth it. It may make you look a little worse at first, but it pays off after many visits. If you can afford it, go once a week. If not, then twice a month, or even once a month (if you are female, then choose the week after or two weeks before your period....I find that a face is way too sensitive during or right before a period. It doesn't react as well as other times).

no, it will dry out your skin and it will look awful

Healthy Randy
Sure does cut that greasy look you get from natural oils. However, the right oils in the right amounts are absolutely important to keep your skin soft, flexible and healthy. The bad thing is, alcohol dries your skin out! A scrub makes microabrasions and hurts your skin at a microscopic level. Let me recommend a skin care system which is of pharmaceutical grade and has helped many overcome serious problems. You can order it through my website after you read about the company and product. Just hit "shopping @" and order on line. The skin products are satisfaction guaranteed, send them back for your return money. Do not use abrasive scrubs, do not use alcohol.

i did that and i didnt break out but that was back in high school when i didnt know any better

yes , it does but put only lightly after washing .

by itself it dosent, it will irritate your face and with other regimens can help your face. But please dont burn yourself with it.

well it is an alcohol product, which means astringent. First of all it smells pretty vile, and you don't want to get it in your mouth!! As an alcohol product, it tends to dry very fast and leave your skin dry. if you have any small cuts or scrapes on your face, it will burn burn burn. Don't do it. just use it for disinfecting cuts. Use a moisturizer to keep your skin soft and moist.

Big Jimi
It will strip off the oil!


Deborah J
As most all of your answers read.....No... the effects of using straight alcohol on your skin is basically damaging, there are toners and astringents that can be used to balance your skin if it's problemed... oily or dry...

tina m

My dermatologist told me that using rubbing alcohol will eventually make your skin as thick as elephant hide.

That's why they no longer use alcohol in astringent products.

it will dry it. Watch out you may hurt your eyes.

some alcohol can damage ur face so i prefer not using them! just use soap and water if ur gunna wash ur face!

It's possible, but rubbing alcohol is very harsh. It will probably dry your skin out. I know someone who used to use toothpaste to clear their face! lol

Different people have different skin...
It may work for some but not for others...
I have a friend who tried it and it worked for him
but he didnt have a bad case of acne just a few pimples here and there
so it dried them up...
I guess it doesnt hurt to try...you'll never know.

Muy Buena
it can because it will dry it out but it will lead to other skin problems like flaking and exzema .. try witch hazel or an acne product .. i would even try toothpaste before alcohol

some people swear by it, but it didn't help me. use something with salicylic acid in it....like neutrogena products or St. Ives

sure does.

it will shrink pimples, if you keep reapplying it.

but if you have an acne problem, you'll need acne meds.

Hell no ! try dove sensetive skin soap and stridex.
The secret is a clean pillowcase every night or every other night !

no, but it'll really dry out your skin.

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