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Does "cracking " your knuckles really have long term effects?
I crack my knuckles frequently and have been told it will cause arthritis and other problems later on. I asked my orthopedic surgeon and he thought it really won't do much. True or False?

Yes, there can be long term effects if you crack the too much. It loosens the joints.

I don't think it causes arthritis.

Mike G
cracking any joint will losen up your ligaments and cause joint laxity. This is when your ligaments get too lose to hold the joints together properly. You can wear down the ligaments and eventually cause arthritis in your later years. Try to stay away from doing it so much. I used to crack mine often, but i stopped and now they dont crack anymore.

Use heat on your hands to help the ligaments return to normal strength.

yes, cracking causes the ligaments in between bones
to chip away and deteriorate. that is why arthritis hurts, there
is no cushion between the bones during movement

not only does it cause arthritis it makes your fingers bigger!

Mr. Spin
He is correct, however, there is an incorrect way of cracking joints. Not only do knuckles "pop", but cartilage does too.

A professional manipulator will tell you that pulling the fingers to pop the joints is good, but over-bending them to an extreme, to pop them, is bad. That can cause bone wear and other problems.

A true "pop" is to relieve build up of gas in the lubricating joint fluids. Some people can repeatedly pop (or 'crack') the same joint. This isn't true popping. It is usually bone rubbing and not good to do at all.

I can pop almost everything in my body such as my entire spine (and neck) all 3 joints in my fingers/toes. Both joints per elbow, the knee bones and the knee caps. My ankles and associated bone joints, the ball joints in my hips, my sternum, shoulder and one unmentionable during certain times.

Really? I've always heard that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis. It's unusually for any type of doctor to tell you that cracking your knuckles is ok!! My physical therapist says anything that cracks, anywhere, is bad. It means that your muscles in that area are weak. I am trying to stop myself, so my advice to you would be to try and stop because there is no way that it can be good for you. Good luck!

justin ohio
I was told no. But that doesn't mean it's true. I researched it once and the answer is no.

i'm not me. i'm really u
the cracking noise is the juice stuff in little balls poping and eventually ur body might stop making it which is bad cause then ur bones will rub together wich is what causes artritis, but it doesn't happen to everybody and really it hasn't been proven proven as to anything too serious. Don't worry about it too much. ^_^

I don't really know either. Everytime I crack my knuckles, my dad tells me that I'm going to have big knuckles later on in my life. I still crack them though. It's a habit.

I heard different answers to this. some people say that it can cause arthritis, but i think those are people from the old school.

I think that in reality they are just air bubbles in your joints or vains or whatever, and the pressure makes the popping sound.

It is a myth that knuckle cracking leads to arthritis and/or other long term joint damage.

i don't think it does anything but i'm not sure

Why not get your OCD treated instead?

All you are doing is releasing the air trapped in the joint. If you do not crack them it leads to a strong pain. It will not have any long term effects.

~~Sich regen bringt Segen~~
New studies and younger doctors say there are no negative effects, but older doctors will still say it's a bad idea that you will regret later, no matter how small of a quirk it is.

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!!! The doctor that I go to has a little picture show with myths and truths on it that I watch every time I go see him. That is one of the myths. Nothing to worry about. That is a form of a gas under your knuckles that is forming pressure. That is what you are feeling. The pressure is relieved when you pop your knuckles..



andrew p

it wont cause arthritis, but if you do it a LOT, and i mean like every chance you get, you can get swollen knuckels later on in the ******, but nothing to serious

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