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Does long hair give you headaches?
I have long hair and have extremely bad headaches all the time.

Maybe your hair is keeping your head too warm.

If I tie it back I sometimes get headaches- particularly if it is tight
The only solution to suggest is to cut it or don't tie it back to see if this works

no, i can't say it gives me headaches but it hurts when it get caught everywhere or when i have my hair up in a ponytail and it's too tight lol. I don't think it's your hair.

only when my hair's up too tight.

Your headaches might have to do with the weight of your hair. I had really long hair as a kid, and I used to cry from the pain of the weight. It could also be that you're getting headaches from something else.

hmm.. no.. unless if you tie it tight. Or if you have rapunzel hair haha.

Rachel Bitchface
Yes the weight of your hair makes you get a tension headache.

Yes it can give headaches (it is the weight) and if one side is thicker than the other it can make you feel lop-sided.

nope... i've had really long hair for years and i never get headaches.

are you wearing your hair in a ponytail?

maybe it's too tight, or the weight is pulling on your neck.

try some other style.

Nurse Tess
Hair that is very long can actually become surprisingly heavy, and weigh down on your neck. This tension can radiate upward into a tension headache. Also, if you have to use a lot of pins and bands to keep it up, you can be creating little pressure points around your scalp that can cause headaches.

Sassy Girl
My daughter had very long, very thick hair...and had frequent headaches. The doctor was holding up her hair examining the back of her neck and said, well no wonder, this weighs a ton! She had some of (well, a lot of) the length cut off and her headaches stopped. So yes, it CAN give you a headache!

Long hair would only give you headaches if someone pulled it! Get to the doctor's for a proper diagnosis - and get your hair cut. It's so VERY unfashionable AND poncy

Emma G
Possible no & possible yes. You see when you get a small headache you can handle it but because you have long hair it can make your head sweat because theres so much of it. Thats why some peoples hair gets so greasy. But If you have lots of long hair it makes your head heated which then heats the first layer of your brain causing harder headaches. Dont worry. really bad headaches normally wear off after 20 minds or maybe an hour. Good luck

it can and its becasue of the weight of it. if i let mine grow too long, i always get headaches. when you cut it or trim it you are getting rid of some of the weight that is on top of your head.

my hair is waist length adn i dont get headaches and my 14 yearl daughter can sit on hers and the only time she get a pain in the head is if its been up in a high pony tail all day and she get the discomfort when she takes it down

Dr Frank
No, but it is no longer stylish. If you are suffering from persistent headaches see your GP for investigation.

Paul Anthony F
,Please do not put this down to long hair you are probably suffering tension . Do you get these headaches particularly at weekends this means your nerves are letting go to relieve pressure on your body Could they be cluster or Migraines Many different types you know I had migraines for years and didn't give them that name yet both my sisters had them. But do not accept his or any other solution as Verbatim . There are many many many causes of headaches see a doctor this is not a petty symptom, it can effect your blood pressure stroke etc Although they say blood pressure victim es have no more head aces than anyone else but mind stopped after treatment for blood pressure Go to ABC homoeopathy on the Internet for more descriptions ,but firstly go and see a doctor , that's what their paid for and why their

Good health is being Vigilant at all times but beyond any money you cant buy good health

I dont think your long hair is the problem. If youre getting constant headaches you might have migranes but you should go and see your doctor and get checked out.

The Dest
The two things are not related.
Hair is part of your skin, not part of your brain.
Headaches are caused by swelling in the brain.
Any relationship between headaches and length of hair would have to be psychosomatic.

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