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Ivan D
Does it annoy you when people chew loud?
It really annoying to me when people chew really loud and chew with there mouth open. I don't know if its just me but it really really annoys me.

It is very annoying to me too.


LOL my boyfriend has this funny habit of when he eats the fork scrappes across his teeth. And that's not just once in a while, that's every time. At first I didn't notice it, but then a friend of ours was over for supper and he cringed every time he heard that slice of metal across teeth. Now that's all I hear when we are eating! If you are eating with someone you care about, I'd say let it slide (while joking about it from time to time!). But if you are with some people who you don't know real well - politely ask them to chew with their mouths closed. Hope this brings a smile.

yes its so annoying!!

i think it annoys alot of people its proper to chew with your mouth closed but not everyone was raised the same way

Lilly P
no i love it when people chew really loud with their mouth open and maybe some food hanging out and their head turned slightly to the side, like this http://lh4.ggpht.com/_OimSFQvExDc/RqM1ilZWR7I/AAAAAAAAGe8/N5r_5RR2TLE/BritneySpears_splashnews_hsw200707d_012.jpg
i think thats britney spears hahahahaha

Ranulia # 2 is on the prowl. grr
believe me, you are not alone. Its annoying and kinda gross. My mom chews with her mouth open and makes smacking noises. Grrr!
Well, i guess no one is perfect

arron p
Yes, it annoys me more then anything else. I absolutely can't stand it. It's disgusting,pointless and can be stopped if they just learn manner's.

YES yes and yes!!! It's soooo annoying!

that has to be one of the most annoying things.
or someone humming a song

i usually just ignore but sumtimes it gets on yur last nerve!

JaZ ツ
yes it is so anoying! i can never sit next to my brother when he is eating lol

Little Miss
Ugh, I hate it! Recently, our school changed the rules so that kids would be able to chew gum in school. Bad idea! Besides the fact that it shows up under desks, people chew so loudly! During a test when everything is quiet, all I hear is chomp, chomp, chomp. I mean, I chew gum (at home), and it isn't that hard to keep your mouth closed. Otherwise, it makes everyone look like cows!

Worst part: How do you tell them to stop?!

L.O.V.E is overated
Yeah, kind of... I think that its kind of rude and disgusting. Especially when food is flying out of their mouth. I absolutely HATE it when people talk with their mouths open. You can see everything up in their mouths.

omg it annoys me so much so its not just you but my family just doesn't get that it annoys me. so most of the time i usually get yelled at for yelling at someone else..... yeah... its not just you

its true it annoys me too

Dog Owner
It annoys me too!


Keep Portland Weird
It drives me crazy :)

Oh yes. That is one of my mom's biggest pet peeves. Yes, I agree, it is quite annoying. Sometimes I just want to yell at someone, but I can't. Haha.

Baking in the Las Vegas heat
Yes, especially chewing with your mouth open.

yes, and also when they talk with their mouth full and food goes i your face- its disgusting so dont ever do that cause its also annoying when they do it over and over again and they always sit across from you and your like "GO AWAY!!"

yeah..especially when their mouth is open.

Lydia L
Yes Very Annoying ! x

Phyllis J
Yes, it does annoy me a lot! I want to yell at them to close the mouth while eating! I always do tell them a story too. When I worked at a hospital, I was called to the ER to take notes while the others tried to save this man. He had been at a restaurant eating fish. He was talking with his mouth full and choked. They tried everything they knew there while waiting for the ambulance. When they got him to the hospital he was already dead but they still had to try to revive him. They did the heimlich maneuver and the food came out with great force, landing in my hair! I went and shampooed my hair after we were done. My hair survived, but the man did not. You may relate this story.

yes its a minging habit especially when the have like 3 peices of chewy in the gob

Umrao Jaan
Yes, it's disgusting and not the least bit classy.

YES, and when they chew with they're mouth open it's gross.

it's rude, as well.

No it is not just you trust me! I know there are somethings people eat that they can not help but be loud,It is still annoying!

Master Blaster
::mouth makes smacking noises while eating:: Mmm, chinese food!

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