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 Please help me! stomach cramps! if dont help then i wont be able to sleep all night!!?
so i have these stomach cramps..its bcuz i was jumping on the trampoline alot today so its a normal stomach cramps but it hurts like freaking hell... so please show me the best way to stop it..

 I love tattoos, what is your tattoos?
I am 37 year old white female. I have 6 tattoos. I love them. What are yours?
Additional Details
I have a dolphin on my right breast, a gorgeous sun and moon on my right shoulder, a ...

 Do you recieve money when you donate blood to the Red Cross, or anywhere else for that matter??
just wanted to know.
Additional Details
Okay, so where can i go in the Bronx where they pay you for giving blood. I wont use "Donating".

And what the hell is Plasma?...

 Does looking at the sun make you sneeze?
Do you think it helps?...

 Drug testing.. can it detect breathing cannabis?
Can breathing cannabis in a room of 2 people smoking accuse me in a drug test.. i am being drug tested early january so i need to be carefull... does anyone know?
Additional Details
i am ...

 My 12 yr old son is having trouble sleeping, Any suggestions?
I have a 12 yr old son that is ADHD, for a month he has been having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.I have taking him to the doc.They can't seem to see anything wrong with him.I agree ...

 Hi please help me now! i got beatin up!?
i was having a play fight with my brother and i fell on top of him and his elbow went in to me just below the loaf of my ear. it feels like its swelling and the bone blow it hurts and my ear feels ...

 Can a Human Live more then 100 yrs?

 Do you think smoking marijuana is just as bad (or worse) then smoking cigarettes?

 If h i v positive mother becomes pregnent ,baby may get infected or may not .why so/?

 How do you express your anger without crying or daminging someone or something??

 Do you trust the FDA?

 Talking to yourself?
Be honest and no piss taking, how many of you talk to yourself on a daily/ weekly basis. I don't mean a proper conversation, all I mean is asking yourself questions or going through something ...

 I wore poor fitting shoes last night and my feet are in agony!?
Had a girls night out last night and i wore brand new high heels. With in an hour my tights and feet were rubbing every time i moved. I eventually hobbled all the way back home and today at work i ...

 How can I loosen up before a party without drinking alcohol?
I'm 14 years old ...

 Why is this happening?
everybody says im paranoid because i am afraid of bathtubs

like. i see stuff in my head.

- i saw my bus get in an accident
-i saw my step brother's bunk bed collapse ...

 If a 17 year old swallows a glass marble will he be able to digest it out of his body?

 Is it legal to request your records from your doctor.?
i noticed the other day that my folder had alot of papers in it and i want to see the papers since they are about me. is it ok to request a copy of them?...

 My eyes have been really puffy and red?
When I wake up in the morning, my left eye kind of sticks together and I have to pull it open. It's also bloodshot and itchy most of the time, I do wear contacts so could I have an eye ...

 Girls, how tall are you?
And what do you think the average height for women is?

I'm 5 ft 9, and whenever I'm in the company of girls only, I'm a good few inches taller than everyone! I only feel ...

victor l
Does having large hands mean anything?
does it mean something is wrong with my body
Additional Details
does it mean i will be very tall because i have seen alot of tall people who happen to be very tall
im just 13 so could it mean i am going to be tall

** it usually means you have a small you know what!!!!! lol

desert storm
it means that you should be a pimp.....where's my money

i dont think so

You can hold bigger things.

!!!Vanity Insanity!!!
No, but if people say that if your hands are bigger than your face, you have cancer, DON'T believe them =]

no, don't worry :)

Just some girl...

i hope not, omg now i have to talk
to a doctor.....

Depends what you consider "BIG" I mean is it disproportionate to the rest of your body...

I'm sure you've been living with this all your life...Did you just notice you had big hands? lol

Alex B
it means your packing, nah just kidding thats a myth, means you need to buy bigger gloves tho.

Nothing is wrong. People are born with larger features, just like some people have large lips, noses, ears, you just happen to have large hands

you will have to buy slightly larger gloves than other people i'm afraid.

Brandy K
no just means you can handle a lot more $hit....lol just trying to make you feel better if it bothers you any let your family doc know your thoughts.

big hands.
big deal.
dont worry about it.
just make sure you keep your fingernails clean,
if there noticably big, it might cause attention and you dont want negative attention. =]

It means you can do pushups easier

platypus ♫ party
it means you will grow tall

Mell :)
No, Everyone is different!,, I have incredibly small hands!!.. It doesn't mean a thing, Just be happy with your hands!..(AHAHAH That sounds funny) :P LOL
Bye :)

Jon S
you can palm a b-ball other wise nothing that I know of...

John Reid
Nope, just a variation of normal, and a great help if you play the piano.

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