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Does drinking a lot of water get pot out of your system quicker?

Jackie P
teaspoon of vinegar a day (i'd do it at least a week in advance to any urine drug screening) lots of coffee and beer. For a blood test sorry at least 30 days of nothing is the only thing that will work.

Gotta drug test coming up soon? My ex-roomate (total pothead) used to drink lots of chamomile tea.

I agree with twilights answer, but make sure it isn't cold water. I used to have to take one a month, and one time I had drank so much cold water, I was shivering in 90 degree heat. It was pretty obvious to my probation officer, but since I passed and he was lazy, I got to go home. I will also agree with a lot of these other people. Don't smoke pot. It is a waste of money. Take it from someone who used to smoke over an ounce a day, and could move a pound in a day as well.

You've got to be smarter than the drugs!! DON'T DO THEM!!

Big R
it gets in your blood stream ! so not will take about 30 days or so depends how how much you smoke !!!

someone s
No, it won't. THC gets into your body's tissues, so it's not just something that you can flush out with drinking extra liquids... it takes approximately 30 days for the body to metabolize the chemical so that it no longer shows up on drug tests, and if it's a hair strand test, it's going to show up anyway, foreverrrrrr!!!
The best solution for not having to worry about stuff like this is DON'T DO IT!

yes but alot quicker only if you take niacin vitamins and go to the canning good department in the grocery store and get some sure gel!!!! I Swear to God it works.. I did it and passed my drug test 24-48 hours is how long it takes but I would be safe and go for 48

Steve R
For a urine test, it will take about 3 days. If it's a hair test, then 6 months.

O Jam
No, but it is not like Alcohol, but you can at least not be thirsty...Say no to drugs anyway!!!

Up wit hope,
Down wit Dope!!

It stays in the hair for about a year, and like it has been said it's in your blood stream , peeing a lot won't really help

It may help, but a lot of water is probably a gallon or so a day. Percentange of body fat plays a big part too.

No.It takes about 60 days to get it from showing in your urine and if they do a hair sample it can take years that it will show.

You would need to drink a gallon or two of water to clean out your system. THC does get in your bloodstream but 99% of drug tests test your urine. Pickle juice, cranberry juice, vinagar will also help clean out your system faster. There are also over the counter stuff that will help.

uh no.

Not so much.

But if you are doing an urinalysis, a full bladder gives you a better, not guaranteed, chance of passing.-

No, water doesn't flush out your blood stream

Jon and Nichole
nope it sure wont. it will take about 30 days to get out and if they do a hair test it will be on teh hair follicle for a very very long time

No. The chemicals from pot detected in tests are stored in fat tissue. You have to sweat it out. It can take months to do it.

And steve, no. It takes more than three days.

No, it will not. You shouldn't be smoking pot in the first place. Should you still feel inclined to break the rules wait at least a month before taking any drug test. I know this guy from college who smoked pot almost every day for over a year, he stopped smoking for 5 weeks yet failed the drug test anyway. Save yourself plenty of trouble by avoiding drugs. Life is complicated enough without having to deal with any nasty habits.

No it doesn't.

Yes but only to a certain extent. It will mask the drugs because you urine will be mostly water. Your body can only carry a certain amout of water so when you are constantly drinking water it just goes though your body and out like flooding your body so your just peeing out water but so drug test disciminate on color of the urine too, so if its not yellow they can refuse the drug test heres what you do: if you know when you have to take a drug test drink 3 gallons of water 3hrs before your drug test and take vitamins each hour per each gallon...you'll have to strart to pee after almost every sip after the first gallon this is your body trying to get rid of excess water do not eat anything! If you want to test it go to walgreens and pick up drug test it's like 15.99 for whatever drug your testing on and drink 3 gallons of water into the last hour try not to pee as much just hold it as long as you can up unitl the test then take the test see if it comes up clear...it worked for me and i had to take one for court. This only works for piss tests. Good Luck

Button Face
No !!! THC is not water soluable !!!!
THC is like an oil
and Pot can be found on your system for up to 7 months

i dont think so if u dont want it in ur system dont take it

druggie.. ask your parole officer

Try GNC They have liver cleansing prducts...and don't do pot

Perhaps you should lay off the pot for awhile...you're paranoid.

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