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Does cranberry juice get rid of Marijuana in your system?

what you been smokin

Nope, sure doesnt, keep trying.

Sassy IQ 125
First of all one should'nt have marijuana in their system!!No cranberry juice does not get rid of it,but drinking it and lots of water can help flush it out.Also it sounds yucky,but try drinking water and a vinegar mix(half&half)at least an 8oz glass 2-3 times daily for at least 5-7 days.


not smoking works tho.

Golden Leaf
it's a myth.

Not really, no. It's acidic, which helps, but besides that, nope.

NO SIR, and drinking bleach is not a smart idea either. only time, depending on strength of pot smoked, how much u smoke will determine how soon it leaves your system.usally 30 days if your a heavy smoker.

no but bleach will


Kelsey H
Ive heard that too but no it doesn't it take 3 weeks for your system to be COMPLETELY drug free but 2 weeks and you should pass the drug test

Though it will flush your system if you drink a couple gallons, it is only temporary. There is no permanent removal, only temporary flushes and masking agents, which can be detected.

It does not get rid of THC in your system. It does flush your urinary system out though. So it does help. This is why it is recommended to urinary tract infection patients. Although it will reduce the time that enough THC to show on a UA will stay in your system. It can not be expected to completely clean out your system in a couple of days. Of course all this depends on individual metabolism. THC stores in fat cells. It is also accumulative. So you will have different results per individual and someone who is a daily user will not have as good of results as someone who has used sparingly. Lots of water also helps. But keep in mind this is only for a UA. If they were to take a hair or blood test the tests would not be effected.


No but its fabulous for urinary tract infections :)


pot is fat soluble.time is the only proven removal method so far.

No idea. But if you've had a UTI (Urinary Track Infection), it's good t drink it.

Yes. Dude, I've seriously tried it, and I got to keep my job! Peace.

Sorry, you are out of luck. If you are trying to pass a drug test, the best way is to just don't do drugs. There are so many forms of drug testing today and some are foolproof. For example, the only way to pass a hair strand drug test is to be drug free for 2 years!

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