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Does anyone know how to get rid of headlice besides using shampoo?
I am asking for a friend who has a daughter with bad headlice...moms out there please help

hope this helps
Coat the child's hair in conditioner or oil and comb through with a nit comb. It'll take a very long time. You need to comb through tiny sections at a time. Do this several times a day. You'll also need to wash bedding, stuffed animals and clothing in hot water. Anything that can't be washed you can bag and put in the freezer for 24 hours. GOOD LUCK!

the metal comb of death.

My daughter had waist length hair and got lice. I kept doing the entire house and her head like every 3-4dys w/the otc stuff and then even a prescription but they still kept showing up. Found out kids at school still had em and she kept bringing em home. I ended up soaking her hair in vinegar, putting a rag around her farhead and then tied a bag on it for 20 min. After rinsing it out I saw the lice in the tub and then just used the lice comb w/the kits. I then found baby-oil gel and used a quarter sized amt. every day which prevented the lice from attaching to the hair and also the oil gel is very easy to wash out and isn't too greasy like plain baby oil. So for $.75 for vinegar, and $2.50 for the oil gel I think she'd have a winning combo!! Good Luck

The shampoo works best, along with the nit comb -- you can buy both in any drug store. But you must ALSO be sure to clean the entire house where the infected person lived in order to prevent the lice from coming back. All bedding and clothing need to be washed in hot water. Furniture and floors should be vacuumed thoroughly.

If you don't want to use the shampoo, I've heard you can coat the head/hair with Vaseline to smother the lice. However, Vaseline is REALLY hard to wash out later. The shampoo, comb, and a thorough cleaning are the best way to go.

i used to work at a daycare and there was one little girl who kept getting it over and over. her parents tried using the shampoo, but didn't follow up with the 2nd dose, so she got it again. someone told them that mayonaise worked, so she came to school with very greasy hair for about 3 days, but she still had lice come back. what i'm trying to say is that you need to tell your friend to use the shampoo with the comb, but make sure they follow up on the 2nd dose---otherwise it WILL come back and lice is a very contagious and it also makes the child feel unnecessarily dirty. we all know people who have had it, it says nothing about our cleansing habits.

definitely go to the doctor. I had it when I was little after going to camp and my mom tried everything from the drug store, then decided to take me to the doctor since my school did a headlice check every year and it was the next day. I didnt have it when the school checked after only using it once!

i was in a domestic violence shelter for women and unfortunatley alot of the girls got lice so what i saw some of the moms doing and it smells really bad was they put vinegar in the hair and combed it out and they repeated every day it eventually got rid of em all...


What kind of shampoo are you talking about? There is a kit you can buy from walmart, wall-greens, etc, that treats lice. It is a shampoo, and a conditioner. It comes with a fine comb to brush out the lice while the shampoo is still in the hair. you must get EVERYTHING with this comb. because lice will lay eggs and if you miss an egg and it hatches you will have to eventually treat the hair all over again. This process takes time. you have to go through the hair and scalp bit by bit with the comb. (with the shampoo, it kills most of the lice but some can hide in air pockets between the hair) you need to buy at least 2 kits and repeat this process! Besides head lice treatment, I don't think there is anything else you can use that would work..(don't put a product in her hair that you aren't sure about if people tell you these short tricks to do, you don't want to risk damaging her hair. the only other option (which might be the worst of all for her) would be to cut her hair. all of it. So take my advise please. I'm sure you will get good results.

go to the drugstore and get i believe it is called nix. You can follow the directions on that kit and that should get rid of it. There is also a old remedy put alot of mayonaise in her hair and then comb it out with a small teeth comb the next morning and all the lice should be dead. but if none of these help go to the doctor to get a prescibed shampoo. But the nix usually works. wash all of her sheets and pillowcases with very hot water.

get the comb that goes with it

shave your hair off

ok several thing first Rit is pretty good . you can also try mayo. loads of it left on for awhile all the greese will smother the nits then you have to wash it out and take a comb and get all the eggs out. you need a lice comb to really get them out. Make sure you wash everything. They can get into clothes, blankets, coats, hats, hair bows, throw brushes out and get new ones. Often this causes reinfection of them. Also if they are really bad then everyone might need to get there heads checked.
recheck in a week if you see more then repeat .

Use a hair dryer. I dont know what other combo of ingredients they used but afriend said she used a hair dryer on her girls to get rid of the lice.

I think Nixx also has a mousse, be sure to comb out the eggs and nits.

this is going to sound weird but either Vaseline or mayonnaise all over the hair and let it sit there for about 15 min then rinse out.

Special shampoo that kills it, then comb it out.

Coming from a woman of much experience, I am afraid the only way of getting rid of head lice is to use specially formulated shampoo to kill them, then you must comb the hair with the special 'nit comb' untill there are no more nits or eggs (the eggs are hard to see as they are white and very small). You MUST comb every single one out to ensure there is none left as if you leave one, this will produce eggs and your back to square one.
Hope that helps, its very time consuming!

There is something called a Robicomb which I've heard is excellent. It kills the lice with electical currents and is painless and easy. They sell it in drug stores. I've been meaning to buy one because we had a massive problem in our town last year. Luckily we were spared.

try pouring salt on the kid's head.

# one
There was a study using olive oil. Leave on for two hours to suffocate the lice and wash out under the sink so you don't slip in the shower. As you wash your hair do not put water on your hair first. Just put your regular shampoo on your oil soaked hair and lather, rinse good, and shampoo again. Also are many commerical products. This web site has many of them listed as well as the article on the olive oil.

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