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Does anyone else have really intense and detailed dreams EVERY night?
i have really weird dreams every single night, and remember them. but alot of people i talk to don't, so why do i have such vivid intense dreams?

When you sleep your sub-concious takes over. You could be experiencing astral travel. I know some people don't believe in that.
Read Sylvia Browne's books, they explain a lot.

Bcos a lot of people you talk to don't try to keep it in their memory, whereas it seems you are lingering on your dream process.

Pl inculcate a babit of praying to GOD or reading a good book be4 going to the bed.

i have really weird dreams.. noone else i know doesn't have dreams like that either!!! just last night i had a dream that i was in greece the sky was such a bright blue.. everything was blue and grey and white.. we were next to the ocean and everything was so weird but beauiful.. but belive me.. i have so CRAZY dreams that don't make sense.. I LOVE THEM.. everynight I look forward to going to sleep b/c it's like I'm on vacation of living when I'm sleeping :)

Tammy G
I dream every night also. I can remember each and every one of my dreams long after I wake up. There are times I have woke up and gone to the restroom and when I went back to bed I take up where the dream left off. My dreams are so intense at times I wake up thinking they are real. Noone knows what goes on in your head when you sleep except for you. I have tried different thing to get them to stop but nothing works. I have come to the conclusion that there are going to be days that I am exhausted when I wake up because of how busy I was all night in my dreams. Sometimes it is sad because I have more going on in my head at night than I do in my real life during the day.

All the time!! If you pay close attention to what you eat and how much you eat at night you can sometimes find a pattern. Certain foods for some strange reason effects your mood and emotions with in your dreams. Drink a V-8 before you go to sleep let me know if you notice anything!


Yes I do but I take it as a compliment..It just means I am sleeping very sound and deep. To be able to relax that much to let yourself go into another place.

Enjoy it..Start a journal or use that as your blog on 360..write them down. You never know what you will learn from them.

sometime I get really weird dream. My sister can always remember her dreams and every last detail. You are just luck I guess.

sometimes then after a week or two they come true weird and freaky but its kinda normal now

jeff g
not really.

you have a vivid mind and imagination.. some people don't tune into their mind or inner wishes as much.. and some people do. also, if you are worried about alot of things or constantly obsess over something then you will have more weird and vivid dreams

i do. it's great, better than TV, sometimes i even get to remember them for more than 5 minutes after i get up.
as to why, i don't really know, but don't knock it, you'd miss it if it weren't there!

You probably just have alot on your mind or have so many things going on they are relayed in your dreams. What i do is everytime I have a dream like this and I don't have time in the morning to write it down I write a keyword down that I know when I think it about it later i will remember my dream again.

So when you do have a chance write it down, invest in a dream dictionary and just analyxe from the dream dictionary what it means. It really is crazy when you see the actual meaning of what some instances are. There are some real good dream dictionaries if you don't have one at Borders or Barnes & Nobles. I actually bought one when they were having a sale for like 8 bucks!
It is cool to have dreams like this though. It kind of gives you a good prospective on things once you see what they really mean. Be lucky that you have the ability to have such intense dreams like this!

Good luck!

i have the same thing i whould like to kno to.
most of the time it is people kill you or chaseing you it scare me.

yes i do have intense erotic dreams at times if u see something for the similar nature get in touch wid me..... we discuss in private

?/got me?? maybe or just a litte stress out anything really big happpen right now.

At one point a few years back I was having very detailed horrible dreams due to alot of stress and anxiety problems.
Alot of times when I wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep I have a nightmare or a bad dream of some sort.
I have learned that alot of times I have bad dreams when Im worried, stressed or upset.

I do too and so does my husband. I dream of all sorts of characters that I have never met and all sorts of weird scenarios of activity. I have been that way my entire life. My Dad who is 80 says that he never has had a dream. I find that so hard to fathom.

R u on drugs?

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