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Veronica W
Does a cool shower make a fever go down?
I'm fourteen and I have a fever of about 101-103.
Will a cool shower bring my fever down?
If it does, how long do I need to stay in the shower?


Not a cool shower, a HOT shower. The best way to kill a fever is to stay warm. I know that seems impossible, but it's the way it works. Stay in for at least 5 minutes or more.


The HOT was for emphasis, to show not cool. Don't burn yourself, heh.

yes a cool shower will run the fever down i would say stay in about 1/2 hr

A cool bath would work better. Just soak as long as you can.

Take Paracetamol 500 mg tablets.

Ferny N
yes it does try not to bath with too cold just kind of cold and stay there for at least 15 minutes

eat ice cream it help ur body cool down

Yes. You only need to stay in for about 10 minutes. If you start to get shivery or really cold get out.

Eric H
Meds will do the best job of lowering your fever. Motrin seems to work better for me than Tylenol but it varies with different people.

Ice or really cold baths are only for really high fevers (104+) to bring the temperature down quickly. You want to stick with luke warm or cool shower/bath so you don't induce too much shivering which your body then interprets as a cue to further retain heat to your vital organs to protect against hypothermia.

You can also cycle meds if you don't think it's working or not working long enough but do so only with someone able to assist you if there are any problems. Cycling is stacking two different types of fever reducer. Motrin (8hr) and Tylenol (4hr). You basically start with Motrin, then 4 hours later if your fever is still fairly high, take the Tylenol. After 4 hours again it's time to take Motrin again and start they cycle over. This allows you to take medicine every 4 hour if necessary w/o going over the recommended dosage schedule.

Also wear loose clothing so the heat has a way to come off your body. ice pack to the head or under the armpits also helps.

It doesn't always help to bring it down, but it will surely make you feel better.

Acetaminophen (aspirin) or ibuprofen is a fever reducer, so take some of that according to the directions on the label.

A warm shower or bath will work better. It will cause your blood vessels to expand and bring them closer to your skins surface. This will alllow for better heat dissapation. I usually cover up with several blankets and sweat the fever out. Fevers happen when your body raises it's temp to kill the cold. By using blankets, your body doesn't have to work as hard or long to get the temp up high enough or long enough to kill the intruder.

it does work

kelly k
No it may make your temperature worse and you wikk probably shiver and then become too cold. You should just get a warm shower that should work.

♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
It can. You can also try ice packs under your arms. DO NOT stand in front of a fan. It can make it worse. :(

I hope it helps.

Harry M
A warm / hot shower will bring the fever down. I know this seems impossible, but I think it opens up the pores in your skin and allows you to ventilate... not sure about this last but.

Keenen D
hmm.. it might temporaily help. but eat, sleep and take alot of medicine..

Only use a cool shower when the fever is going OUT of control.

But it's best NOT to use a cool shower when you have a fever. Just rest as much as possible and eat and drink enough.

yes it will about 5minutes

NO it won't actully but if you take a warn shower not HOT but warm it will make the fever go down

I wouldn't recommend this for if you're sick. It will just shock your immune system more. It's better to run a hand towel under cold water and put it on your head and keep changing it when it warms up. Also take some meds (eg. aspirin) to bring the fever down. If it keeps rising, go to the emergency room.

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