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Does Lavender really help sleeping?
I don't have a sleeping disorder but one or twice a month I have a bout of insomnia. i had been advised by family that the best way to drop off to sleep is use Lavender oil on my pillow or bed clothes. Is this true if not anything else that you can suggest.

my mom always said lavender helps you fall asleep and would put some lavendar under my pillow case when i was little. i dont konw if it did anything except smell good. but maybe it does...

yes this is true. lavender has calming effects. or you can burn a lavender scent candle before you go to sleep and have the smell in your bedroom.


I guess it works. I have the same problem as you. My shampoo is by Aromatherapy and it's scented Lavender Vanilla and it even says so on the bottle that it's supposed to help sleeping.

So yes, buy some lavender oil!

Good luck :)

it relaxes the mind and body, so does chamomile OIL not lotion

my mum swears by it but ive used it and all it did was attract bleeding wasps- take some co codamol pain killers if you are desperate as a one off they will make u sleep in no time -only take 2 tho

Try it and see.
It may work for you, it may not work for others.

sorta yea, i think, because it does have a calming effect i have some lavender body lotion i use at night time too =D

yes appartently it has a calming effect but if ya have trouble sleeping, people say if u are in bed longer than 15 mins and not sleeping then u should get out of bed and do something like reading then go back to bed after 30 mins to 1 hour

Try it. I like it.

Melatonin is a great help; lavendar helps me relax but I wouldn't say it helped me sleep. You can take 1 or 2 tablets of melatonin at bedtime and sleep well, and wake up naturally with no headlag like you get with sleeping pills.

some time it does

richard g

Is is true!- A drop of lavendar oil or dryed lavendar can help you get right of to sleep.

it does me


It has always helped me, but don't us too much as you'll end up smelling it all day.

nicola c
it doesn't help sleeping as such it just relaxes you, prompting you to sleep.

Hi, fellow occasional insomniac,
Yes,every now and then I get that 'when the hell am I going to sleep' feeling.
A few drops of lavender oil (a spray is even better) across the pillow works a treat.
Very relaxing.
Just don't try it while your'e driving.

Anything that will comfort you is the trick. 1-keep a log for 6 weeks of what you eat-drink-stress-tv,....etc. Find out what triggers it. 2-relax 30 mins before bed: no tv, phone calls, text msgs, etc. Strictly, clear your mind. 3-try meditating before bed. Certainly wont hurt you. 4-Don't anticipate the next days worries. Leave that for tommorow. My best to you.

You can buy lavender pillows....They really do help. Also if it's only for the odd night buy an oil burner and put it in your room for half an hour before you go to sleep xx

it is called aroma therapy and it works for me.

Yes, put a sprig under your pillow

Dona Anya
I think lavender is useful for relaxation - it also happens to be very handy to have around as a cleansing spray for those with curly hair (mix 5-10 drops in a spray bottle of water), as well as vital to use on skin burns (use straight). It's a must in my medical kit.

For occasional bouts of insomnia though, I'd make sure you also elminate as many sources of light in your room as possible (or wear an eye mask), as melatonin levels are dramatically affected, even by a little night light. Chamomile tea and Rooibos teas are also good relaxation aids before bedtime as is a foot massage with warm sesame oil. If you need *sleep*, not just a little nudge though, valerian root capsules should do the trick!

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