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chef spicey
Do you wear pajamas to bed?
wasnt sure what category to put this under

yep i do and it's wasn't see the difference. looks like you should get some punctuation lessons.

paralyzed nomad
if i feel like it...lol
but what kind of pajamas is a different stories.
if it's hot in my house, it's a tshirt and shorts. if it's cold - pajamas.

sometimes. usually i wear a tank top and pajama bottoms.

yes, usually a tank top or t shirt with shorts, or a tank top or t shirt with these jersey gaucho pants.

@ |* ! @ n @ ♥
yeah. sometimes i sleep in my clothes if im really tired. never naked.

Max Power
i only use black boxers briefs, i like to wear black all the time

Wounded duckmate

only in the winter but in the summer i just wear a tank top and a pair of comfy shorts

Generally I do... I don't wear them when I'm on a trip and didn't have enough room in bag to put pajamas, or just forgot them... Also I don't wear them in the summer, when it's really hot, I sleep in my panties only...


no, i wear them very seldom, i mean a gown, but most the time i wear short shorts and a t-shirt... in the winter i wear long lounging pants and a top..

well no I don't. I don't know why...I have been sleeping in my clothes for the longest time. But i think I will start sleeping in nighties. (pj's)

Juan Valdez
Nope - I go naked. It's the best way!

depends.. but usually no


Yes I always wear P.J.'s!!

No summertime but in the winter if its Freezing the Nuts off my brass monkey then yes....



yeah, sometimes

Nope, nothing

yahhhhhh i heart pj's
and u should put it under clothing

Is it necessary to wear pajamas.......?!

Yes. Pajamas are comfortable. My Boyfriend told me doesn't wear pajamas to bed. he sleeps naked.

Yes b/c you never know when the house is going to catch on fire. My hubby's a firefighter and I think about those things ALOT!!!!

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