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A True Gentleman
Do you sleep with one or two pillows under your head?
I use two, have been for years. I heard a while back this isn't too healthy but have not had any problems so far.

4 lol

I use 1 under my head and 1 between my knees for support, to re-align my spine when i am lying down. This really works you should try it!

well 2, then have like 5 other ones surrounding me.

two. the bottom one is beaten down and flat. the top one is a very soft and comfortable latex foam pillow. its the perfect combination.

What matters is not so much how many pillows, as how firm they are, and whether they are kept clean and changed regularly or not.

One firm pillow is as good as two flat ones, and the firmer they are, the better - at least for some.

For the moment, it's 2 for me, but I'm looking to get something firmer soon. And maybe then, I'll only need 1 again.

I use a full body pillow and fold it over.

When you sleep with one pillow alone, your neck tends to get bent at a bad angle, because your head sinks below your shoulder level, unless you happen to have a solid pillow like a barley husk pillow.

With 2 pillows, your head is propped upright a bit more, it is actually better for your posture than having your head bent backwards. Besides, if you sleep on your side, with one pillow you ear is almost resting on your shoulder. That cannot be good for you.

I like those downfeather pillows they feel so good. My husband and I fight over it. I told him to buy his own. I do'nt know, maybe I'll buy them for him. I also slept with a pillow in between my knees its comfortable.

two, or three, and often a lot of stuff under or over the pillows.

I have breathing problems and it is batter if my head is held high and my torso is not horizontal.

I sleep on 2, find it more comfortable

on the wagon
i don`t use my pillows for sleeping on, they`re usually under my girlfriends ar*e

liz r
iv always slept with three pillows

2 but my bloke only has 1

I have 2 pillows - 1 thinned out pillow and then a Tri-pillow on top I cant sleep without my 2 pillows and definately not without the Tri-pillow ... when I have had to spend time at hospital or away somewhere I ALWAYS take my Tri-pillow with me and put it on top of the pillow provided - hasnt done me much harm that I know of :)

baby j
I sleep with 2. I have also heard that this is not really healthy, but they say sleeping on your stomach isnt healthy either and so with that being said I do both. Doctors have always said that sleeping with none or the minimal of 1 flat flat one will reak benefits because it allows your body to flow in that natural position and the bones stayed aligned the way they were meant too

I only use 1 pillow but it is big and fluffy, so it might count as two.

i usually go one, sometimes 1.5, but the full two is too much for me

*New Mummy*
two pillows

yes i do

Only one.


Ms. G.
I sleep with one pillow. When I use two, it is to put one over my head to block out noise!! Zzzzzzzz

Two duck feathered pillows

dances with unicorns
I only use one, but it's one of those "memory foam" pillows, which makes for really good support. If you sleep with two, however, and you're comfortable and sleeping well, who cares what anybody else thinks?

ada wong
I sleep with two pillows, so does my partner.

one pillow and my arm

i dont sleep with any pillows i hate them

I sleep with 3 and there is nothing wrong with me.

Roger Vadim
two, my Doctor says its much healthier!

Filthy Lucre
I use 1, and it's a pretty thin one at that.

i prefer to use only one, but sometimes i prefer none at all.

2 but ends up as 1 cos i either chuck in on the floor or my boyf nicks it

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