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Do you get sick easier after quitting smoking?
I have quit smoking (about 3 weeks ago) and seem to get a bick sick pretty much every week now.

Is this because of the quitting or just a timing?

Kaleb P
well, you get depressed cause u loose all that nicatine.

It has nothing to do with quitting smoking. When you smoke your brain stops producing a chemical that you get from cigarettes, that is how they keep you hooked. I smoked for ten years. And when you quit, your body is deprived of that chemical completely and your brain has to relearn how to produce it. It doesn't mess with your immune system, or anything. That is just coincedence.

Bonnie S
No but I did get cravings and kept every time I smelled or saw cigerattes I wanted one. I quit during a time when I was sick from a bad cold so I felt pretty rotten already. You might have just caught something and it is a coincident that you just stopped smoking.

Wow how did you quit?

Forever young
You get healthier after quitting smoking, are you eating and drinking healthy?

Mrs. Clayton
I didn't get ill, such as vomiting, but I did notice some changes in regards to my sinuses after quitting. I know it's kind of gross, but I started getting bigger, and more boogers after about the first week of not smoking. I was also using Chantix to quit, so I don't know if that has any effect on that. Not sure what kind of sickness you are referring to, but hopefully it's just your body adjusting to not having toxins in your body. You could always place a call to your doctor to ask their advice. Good luck on your quitting endeavor!

I quite smoking about 6 years ago, after smoking 25 years. I didn't have any problems at first, but the last year or two, I think about smoking more. You don't think that smoking is depicted in movies and t.v. shows anymore, but it is. Movies, at least. And seeing quit smoking ads, only makes me sort of want one, but I know I can't even have one. And the desire is not that strong.

it may be psychological. you may be depressed or anxious more.
this can cause certain types of illness to come and go.

for some reason every time I stop smoking I feel like mid grade flu symptoms for about a month, then I feel better than even my best day of smoking. I believe its something to do with the nicotine withdrawal, a doctor would probably call it malaise.

♥Miss My Husband♥
If you are experiencing headaches/migrains, increased irritation, stomach irritation, then this could be from quitting, If you are experiencing coughing and flegm then you may have a respiratory infection which just happened to appear as you quit.

John F
I think just bad timing....When you are smoking the tiny cilia in your upper airways don't work as well. These are to help propel the secretions up and out of your airway. After you quit, the cilia start working again and will actually help prevent you from getting sick as much! Keep up the good work.....Also, wash your hands!!!best prevention from getting sick!

yeah you do
when my cuz stopped it made her REALLY sick for bout the 1st month

You are suffering from withdraws. Your body is adjusting, just give it time. At least two months. Drink plenty of water and you will be fine.

Perhaps it's just your body adjusting to the fresh air and lack of toxins.

I hope not. you suppose to be healthier (you'll likely gain weight though). you may get sick through the transition process.

Your body might be reacting to withdrawal and you feel sick, but I quit 2 years ago........
And haven't had bronchitis in 2 freakin' years!!!


I would get it 3-4 times a year, like clockwork.

Now, never.

Keep it up. You can do it. I did.

Just say to yourself, "I can't smoke ever again. If I do, I'll smoke forever." And stick to it.

It may be related to your previous nicotine dependency. Withdrawals tend to overstress the body, making it more susceptible to infections. It's your body's way of telling you to give it more nicotine. Of course, your body doesn't know right from wrong once it's been hooked to cigarettes, so you continue to not smoke. Eventually your body will re-adapt to a non-smoking norm.

Quitting smoking should make you healthier.

It is hard to say exactly, but it very hard to rule out quitting smoking as a cause for your sickness.

Your body may very well be adjusting to your new lifestyle. Like others have been saying you will get healthier but this doesn't happen overnight. Smoking does decrease your immune systems capabilities. It is possibly just trying to kick itself back into full gear but has to weaken before it gets stronger.

There are no real negative side effects to quitting, only positive ones. The longer you have stayed smoke free the easier the quitting process becomes. You have made the right choice, believe you can quit and you will.

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Good Luck and Good Quitting

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