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Do you always have to pee really really bad in the morning?
Just asking.
Additional Details
Is it normal to have to?
Because I don't. Then again I only sleep for 6 hours or so.

yes but i dont know y

Jen M
Half the time I wake up from needing to pee super bad in the morning, other times I can wait for a few hours before I have to go, so it's random with me.

Usually my bladder wakes me up, cuz I have to go so bad. But on the other hand, my husband doesn't have to go until nearly lunch time! Try drinking more water thru out the day- it's better to flush your urine regularly- to prevent kidney infections/stones!

Yes. It is because your bladder fills during the night.

ā™¦Chimera Meerkatā™¦
LOL tht's such a general Q's. of course majority ppl does.
It's better thn to keep it zipped up.
It's bcs we rest our body whn we sleep thus all our great body gets to work out all the toxins at nite, esp. after our meals/drinks earlier...& flush store it to our bowel. Once, we wake up our brain reactive us *alert* to empty it.

YES! And OMG it doesnt help when my husband likes to wrap his arm around my lower belly! (I jump up and run to the bathroom)

Becka Gal

i love Amanda kendall

Yeah, that's how i wake up.

Yup only time when the pee goes straight into the toilet.

julie h
i didn't use to have to, but now that i've been drinking more water, i've been having to go EVERY morning!!!

ann rose
think this is normal. I get up during the night to pee. Dont drink anything at night

ā•š Alien Gurl ā”
Yes, I always have to urinate in the morning. It's normal. Because you hold your pee during the night.

Maxine PantherFan
Yes, and you need to drink more liquids, before you develop kidney infections or stones.

onehotmommy 79
never seen such a crazy question but yes is the answer cause you do not go to the bathroom at night like you do doreing the day

Yep, the toilet is usually the first stop for me in the morning.

Yes Really bad... I am always running to the bathroom.

Go Bears!
No recently... I get up at 6AM but lately have been getting up at 4AM to pee so when I get up at 6, it's not to bad.

Stan The Man
Heck yeah! It's the reason for the morning wood!!!

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