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Do u think 5'8 is short for a 18 year old male.?

medium, however males stop growing at 21 years old, maybe you'll grow a little. (I'm 5'1'') female.

Hex W
nope just the right height...
tall guys are so hard to kiss
you're average

not at all...but if u 'think' ur short..then i guess u are...its all in the mindset!!!

Nick B
Nope, sounds about right to me.

If your worried about your height wear platforms and make friends with those shorter than you. :o)

no, thats a little tall to me. My hubby is 24 and is 5'5". I'm 20 and I'm 5'2".

yeah, but then im tall for a girl lol


It depends on your genes.

no not at all I am 5'6 and have dated guys shorter then you are!


Joel R
I am ten inches taller than you, you will probably grow more. The actual average height of a male in the United Sates is 5'10''.

no it is n't.

You aren't going to be making any women very happy any time soon. Oh well, you know what they say. It's not the size of the rise, it's the motion of the ocean.

I think it's pretty decent, but then again, i'm only 5'1", so i guess almost any guy is tall enough foor me.

men dont stop growing until at least age 20 remember boys develope slower then girls and that is actually an average height size

well, im 14 and im only 4'11! thats not even 5 feet!!! :(

No, that sounds pretty average to me.

*Bella Reveuse*
No not really. Maybe by an inch but he may still be growing. I think average is 5'10.

no I don't think so...most times guys still keep growing until they are about 21. I knew a gut who was 5'6" when he left for college and when he came back for the summer he was 6'3"!

If you think it is short, then it is. Remember it's the size of the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight,.

no...unless ur dating a 6 foot person...

Munya Says: GFOD
Kiddo, guy's don't stop growing til theyre like in their 20's...I was the tall chick in HS, and all the guys were LUCKY if they were 5'8"...now I see them after college and stuff at reunions and they're all over 6' !!!
Girls stop growing by 18, boys keep growing AFTER 18.

Lori C
I think you're pretty safe at that height, my b/f is 29, and he's only 5'9. Remeber too, that it's all in your genes.

Candace T
5'8 is about average hight for a full grown man.

Ilene M

Perfecto, mi shamado'.

yes because im 6' 6'' and im 17 mexican american!

thee wojc
no. i'm 18 and i'm only 5'6.

vicky l

No, the average woman is 5'6"- I suspect the average man isn't much taller than that. 5'8" isn't short.

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