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Do`nose and ears grow throughout life?

they stop growing after some time.

Mr Glenn
ears definitely, don't know about noses!!!

Malene P
yes they do.

I hope my nose grows a little, it's a little short I think.

Yes they do grow I have a brother in law who has the biggest ears I have ever seen and he's only 29yrs old what would he look like when he's 50.

God, I hope at some stage they stop period. I seen some people if their ears or nose get any bigger they'll have to wear a cast. because I have seen some hum dingers

yes infact they never stop

♥due January 1st
yes, the bigger your nose,the more lies you have told ( ask Pinocchio )!

Katie G
Well mine are bigger then they were when I was a baby - so what will I grow up to be Pinocchio or Dumbo? that is the question.

i read once that the nose does !! but i dont know about the ears ..

kim l
yes they do

No, but your head shrinks.

they sure do. but good news! they stop growing after you die. unlike fingernails,toenails,and your hair.

uh well, dont you think they would be tiny if they stayed the same size as when you were born? And havent you ever seen an old person? They're ears are HUGE!

Yes they do. I'm going to get my ears trimmed if they get like those big long ones you see on old men.

Thanks for the question, I wasn't aware that the nose continued to grow, but knew about the ears. The phrase 'long in the tooth' doesn't mean teeth continue to grow, just that in the elderly the gums often recede.

Yes I believe they do but don't worry about it. It's just a part of nature and you wouldn't look unproportioned.

paul t
yes they do so if your Barry Manilow you are in deep ****

yes until about late teens
Fact: only your eyes stay the same size throughout life

I've heard the nose is the only one that really does that.

Angel Eve
Yes. Your nose and ears are the only two things that CONSTANTLY grow your WHOLE life.

yes they do they grow as you grow

Yea. And you know what? Hair and nails continue to grow after death.

yes......and more so as we become older

Barney Against Bigots
Yes. The only part of the body that never grows any bigger are your eyes.

Yes, worked at the nursing home and some of the men had the longest ear hair I have ever seen.

Yes they do.

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