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Do black people get sunburnt?

Oh for gawd's sake....what a question...anyone that stays in the sun gets a sunburn...geez

Emma Woodhouse
l am glad to read that most people seem to realise that black people CAN get sunburnt.
For the few who don't know,sun burn is a 1st degree burn that affects the topmost layer of the skin after prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
The skin's defence against this is pigmentation -tanning.
The lighter skinned you are,the less you are able to tan and vice versa.
The ability to tan depends on a pigment in the skin called melanin and an enzyme called tyrosinase.
Melanocytes (cells which produce the pigment) use this enzyme to produce pigmentation.
All races have melanocytes and melanin.
Variations occur within every race based on the chromosomal make-up of the individual - so you have red hair,brown hair and different coloured eyes in 'white' people and really black skin ,brown skin,almost orange or yellow skin in 'black' people.
For this question l am referring only to purely white or purely black people - not mulattos .
The amount of melanin and the type of pigment it produces affect the tendency to get sun- burnt.
Thus an orange or yellow skinned 'black' person may get burnt almost as easily as a red-head or blonde'white' person,compared to other members of their respective races.

Vanessa C
yes but u cant see it cause of there dark ness

I asked my science teacher and she said yes but its rather rare. And it also depends on how light-skinned the person is.

Why wouldn't they? Jesus Loves and Adores.

yes...you just cant see it that well

yes. They are more prone to get sunburned then light skinned PPL. White reflects sunlight and dark absorbs it. If you have a 'Black' friend ask them.....

Yes what a stupid question

Judas Rabbi
Yes they do.

nope. never. Doesn't that make you wonder? We rarely get skin cancer even. And did you know melanin converts sunlight into Vitamin D. This why we don't have to drink cows milk like white people (we do anyway). Does this mean black skin is likely the original color of man and white people simply Albinos? Do any other races get sunburned besides white people?

food for thought.
Nothing but love though.

Yes. In fact they are more prone to sunburn.

No but we do get burnt. LMAO. That's why i use sunblock.
HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think so

Hey i just want to say your avatar looks awsome..shoo shoo cute and so hyper...ahahahahahh...take care buddy.

grade school
well, duh! It'll just take them forever

depends on how dark they are. the more melanin they have in the skin, the darker they are and more protected from the sun they are. therefore, less likely to burn.

I don't think so...cuz i'm indian..and i don't get sunburnt either

Mama Pastafarian
All skin colors can get sunburnt and suntanned, which is why it is essential for everyone to use sunscreen before going out into the sun.

Sunburns make a person more susceptible to skin cancer, which can be deadly if not caught in time.

Yes, they do.

Vicky S.
Yes. The bad thing is in most cases you can't see when a black person is burnt. Black people get skin cancer and most of the time they don't even know it. They might think they've never been burned in their life.

i don't think so. Black people get darker when they are out in the sun too long. But if your light skin and black it might happen. My mother got sunburn at walt disney world but that was because she is light skin. Most black people don't get sunburn. Our skin will get hot but i think thats about it.

Yes but not as easily as others.

Yes you just can't see it as well

alex t
http://www.yahoo-news.co.nr actually just did a article on this funny u asked..

Most Definitely they can. Try looking it up on the web or in any medical book. It will explain to you what the signs are and what to do about it.


yes. my bf is black...while you may not be able to see it on dark skinned people, they can feel it, just like light skinned people. the sun is the same on any skin type...UV rays aren't racist =]

My best friend is black, and she says no. They just get darker... lol

polo boy

Loop Stricken
I daresay the skin is still susceptible to radiation, but as for actual 'burning', then no - that's why the skin is black, to prevent sunburn.

Higher concentrations of.. what is it, melanin.

('s the theory anyway, TBH I've never asked)

Yes, they do, but they don't turn red like us pale skins do. I have many black or dark friends that have spent too much time in the sun (mostly in sports) and they do get burned.

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