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Did your BCG leave much of a scar?

Additional Details
It's a vaccination used to prevent tuberculosis.

I had a BCG when I was a baby. I do have a scar but it is not too noticeable.

Andrea L
Not really. Its pretty much shrunk and become like a piece of scab. Mine was the last batch of students to get the BCG injections. I've seen other people with terrible scars though..

BCG's are compulsary vaccinations for primary 6 students. It is now no longer needed.

you should of seen the size of mine it grew and greew and grew then pused up and i eneded having to go 2 hostipital to have it like removed. it was well scary

F. Carr
yes, mine is about half an inch wide. I've seen people with almost no scar and people with scars larger than mine, so i'm not worried about that. it does not mean I am more or less protected than you, it's just different

didnt it just its about 1 inch in round

yeah a dent

None whatsoever.

Cirque Du Freak
of course not, think woman think!

No. Just a tiny white dot.

twenty years ago you might of had a bad scar...but today's technology is so much better..you only get a small scar now..
better to have the injection now than be sorry later

andy f
I didn't have to have it but most people i know still bare the scar my kids have all had it and the scar is very visible.I noticed you don't pick out a best answer so try give me the 10 points cheers miss fidget

'no and it's very important to have it these, disease's are returning to this country, so make sure you dont miss it


I don't even know what that means. Lol!


A TB jab no I can hardly see mine

nope, ive got a tiny little mark where mine is, and it never went really minging like most of my friends. One of my mates had this like, big green boil and I remember it burst on her blouse. Yuck! After I got my BCG
I had no probs with it. Wonder if thats why Ive got a tiny mark, and wonder if Im still immune to TB then?

No, it didn't. Looks no different than a chicken pox scar.

Fairy Codswallop
I never had one, so I never got a scar, I know some people who had theirs some had scars and some didn't.

not much- just a little bump like a permanent insect bite

it's me
no you can hardly see mine


zara c
None at all, medics always had to test me to see if I was covered. I had it, but no marks!!

just the normal size,
as in compared to every other one i have seen.

What is a BCG?

Gavin T
Yeah mine did, well...I have seen smaller ones.

Yes! take on your sole

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