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Could I contract diseases by accidentally having toilet water splashed on you?
smarta$$es are welcomed 2, but will be ignored
Additional Details
i mean like on my private part.. in a bathroom where other people use it too..andi meant me at the end of the question

Uhh no, toilet bowl water is regular water until somebody uses it.

nope=] it is clean water


♥ νιcкιєє

dont think so

Rich M
lol you have never been or seen a 3rd world country have you.....
Your answer is no it is extremly hard to get any kind of disease by water just splashing on you. Even if something was in it.

Jen F.
unless its dirty water, no. toilet water is actually just as clean as tap water

:) Lucy (:
This doesn't make much sense.
It would help if you could actually stay within one speaking term.
Its either first person, or not.

it depends if the water is dirty or clean,if it has sh..in it you can get fecal bacteria or e-coli if it is infected ,so dirty waste water can contaminate if the toilet is clean then no

Actually there have been tests in some places the toilet water is cleaner than the tap water......

I don't think so, as long as the toilet water was fresh when you started. I believe that happeneds to everyone accidently, you should be okay. =)

Depends if there was anything in the toilet at the time and if the toilet is cleaned regularly. I suppose you could, but that could be said for just about anything. Also, it would depend on if any of the water got in your body through an opening or something.

Depends on the state of the toilet...

...but even germ laden water needs to get in to your body, your skin is a very good barrier. Any breaks in the skin where the water splashed would increase the risk.
Or being splashed on the lips or eyes...

the water itself is clean but the toilet might not be. Hepatitis can live on a toilet seat for a week! Among other things

i don't think so because if there was disease bacteria in the water it would be difficult for it to get up into your system with just an accidental splash.

it depends on the toilet's cleanliness, the quality of the sewage, and the purity of the water. and, of course, wither you take a shower with soap afterward.

I've always wondered about this myself especially when it comes to public toilets.

I say yes. because the human body also uses the a hole to get rid of toxins in the body, thats how people in very poor areas like places in Africa they make poos and wees in the river then they use the same water to wash there clothes, and body's. now this is where they go wrong, then they take the water and drink it without boiling it. they get very sick. hopes this helps

If it is unflushed there may be a greater chance. yes you can even get disease from the very smallest particles in the air you breathe. But most people are healthy enough to fend off the oranisms so dont worry.

if it had pee or poop and went on your face or in your area i would say maybe.

If you mean water from the toilet bowl, then yes you can. It has bacteria in it from the poop and pee which has been in the toilet bowl. Doesn't matter if the bowl had been flushed, there is still some residue of it in the bowl.

BTW the pores on your face are bigger than those on the rest of your body, so if you get splashed in the face with it then you have a greater chanced of an infection.

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