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Cant go to the bathroom!!! help?
i cant go poo even if i sit down and strain for 5 mins! it has been a couple days.

how long should i wait before going to the doctor?

how can i go? (what can help)

please dont report this question like someone did earlier.

i simply need help!
Additional Details
to let you know... i dont want to tell my parents and im 13.

You are probably not getting enough bran.. and enough water.. try eating Kellogg Bran crackers..in a brown box, the garlic ones are not as good... and General Mills, Fiber one Chewy granola bars. They have them at Wal-mart.. they will get you going to the bathroom.. they have a lot of fiber and taste great. After that you need to start eating correctly... look online for foods that contain a lot of fiber and drink, drink, drink a lot of water. Stay away from sodas, the sugars are bad.. cheese will bind you up.. and so will a lot of starch foods. Again.. use the Internet to learn more. Good luck and if you still have this problem after a week tell your parents.. it's your health. You don't need laxatives..they can be addicting and that only adds to your problem.. after awhile if you use them to much they won't work at all and you are right back where you started or worse. The right foods and water. The best and safest way to go.

You can buy Miralax, which is oderless and tasteless and you can add to any beverage. Cost less than $10.00. Take 2 cap fulls and you should be one your way in less than 2 hours. STOP straining before you get hemorrhoids.

okay, well if you cant ...well you know...poop if i must say, which i assume it is(if u cant piss? then go and by cranberry juice it makes u pee), go buy some laxative and just take one. if that doesn't work then take one more. if not call your local pharmacist and ask if there is any medication you can receive and if thats not well call your doctor man.

peace bro, hoped it works out

Get some Phillips capsules or some Metamucil or an enema. Good luck!!

♥ Wifey of a Sweet Guy ♥
I think u have constipation...u need to go to a pharmacist and get some meds for it

you are constipated and you can go to a drug store and buy constipation pills or liquid or ask the pharmacist for help

Ask your pharmacist for a 'gentle' off-the-shelf-laxative. In the future, go as soon as you can when you have to go. I used to call it 'bridged stool'. ///////////////good poo-ing to you!

La vida es bella
go buy some laxative and take it once to see if it helps. if not see doc!

just me
by some laxatives boi!... thats not good for u .. !

go buy a stool softner.then once you are not all back up . get a colon cleaner at the natural food store or at gnc.

coconut juice or just start eating alot of fruit

go get some over the counter medicine at Walgreen and ask the pharmacist. if it is still not working, go to the doctor.

I think you have constipation
The doc should be able to help you out
Banannas help! lol

Why dont u just go to the store and buy umm ifeget what its called but you drink it and it will make u poo

constipation. There are different types of laxatives-try a stool softener. But if you don't go, even after taking the stool softener for a day or two, then you will have to go to the doctor. You could have an intestinal blockage, which can become VERY serious and dangerous. Also, don't strain when you are trying to go, that can cause hemorrhoids. good luck! ps-a common cause of constipation is dehydration. In the future, drink more water, and eat foods that contain fiber to prevent this from happening again.

just buy some constipation pills or something...

Forever young
Drink a large glass of Prune Juice, or, and eat some Prunes.

drink more water. You can buy stool softeners at the pharmacy. They also sell pills for constipation. If you have never taken them before...READ the label and don't get too far from a toilet.

Don't strain you will give yourself hemorrhoids.

Punch yourself really hard....
Go ahead just start punching yourself and then suddenly you will feel and movement come over you once you feel that then go to the bathroom....

Mr H
buy some suppositories, you stick it up your bum and it makes you poo

Pre$ident of Afghani$tan
i wouldnt go to the doc just yet you should try finding something to make you poop there are alot of stuff that will get you pooping till you cant stop lol youll be ok

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