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rez k
Can you get sick from smoking weed with somebody who is sick?
I wanted to know if you smoke weed with somebody who is sick,will you get sick too?whats the chances of getting sick?are they high?

Highly doubtful.

If they have a contagious illness and you shared a joint, pipe, blunt, bong, or whatever then yes it is highly possible!!

If you put your mouth on the pipe/paper without sterilizing it, then yes you can get sick. the odds depend on what the other person has, how contagious they are, etc. also, you're odds are probably a little higher since you were doing something that would lower your body's natural defenses and also probably kept you up a little later making you tired. if you had the munchies, then you probably ate unhealthy food. all of those contribute to lowering your immune system thus increasing the chances of you getting sick. go buy some emergen-c and drink it. it will give you a bunch of vitamins and they might be able to supercharge your immune system enough to fight off the sickness.

¿noʎ ʎouuɐ sıɥʇ sǝop
"are they high?" lol. that was funny.

it's also funny that someone planning on getting high is worried about catching germs from someone they're getting high with. drug addicts are weird.

if you suspect that you can get sick from them, aren't you concerned about what diseases they have in general? i mean, these are drug addicts who are willing to swap spit with you. who knows what else they've been doing.

If their illness is contagious and that contagion is transmittable through contact or saliva, you may become infected.

If it is a simple cold, you may already be immune to the particular virus.

Do NOT become alarmed and begin "looking" for symptoms.

yes if you put your mouth on the same smoking apparatus, and no you aren't going to get addicted like fmnl said, if a person has no experience in it they have no room to talk

Mr. P
Absolutely and the chance are very good. Cold and Flu virus travel quickly from mouth to mouth.

haha are they high? get it? um probably, i've never smoked that but if you can get sick from sharing some sick person's candy cane (it's an example) then maybe you can get sick from taking a hit.

jeez...some people don't know anything about marijuana.

Yes, smoking with someone who is sick will almost for sure get you sick. And no, smoking pot itself will not make you sick.

Scott M
Duh...yes you can. I think you should slow down on the reefer.

Its just like drinking form the same cup or kissing.

If you mean sharing the joint back and forth, YES!

Yea, any kinda fluid contact ( saliva from sharing a joint) has the potential to get you sick. If your in the same room when they are coughing like an animal, all those germs are just floating around the room. My advice, find a healthy stoner next time.

do not smoke with anybody. you will not get sick

it's the same as drinking after someone.. sooo YEs??

ya might ?


your chances are almost 100percent because smoking weed will make you sick....DO NOT TAKE DRUGS!!! IT RUINS YOUR LIFE!!!!

What the hell are you talking about? You must be high right now. Of course if you put your mouth on anything that has been in the mouth of someone who is sick you can get sick too. Why would it matter if they're high or not?

no sh!t

Spoonfull of Sugar
Yes, of course

well yeah. but im surprised ur only worried about getting sick, not from actually smoking weed....which will have worse consequences....

strange loop
yes you will get sick from pot.
drugs are just not hot.
your cold will be too strong
for you to hit that bong.

James M
the chances are resonably high...az u are sharing infected siliva

Matthew D
Besides the obvious fact that weed itself makes you sick, as does all smoking does. Of course you can get sick, you are sharing germs from touching it with your hands and from placing your mouth on it. Thats the easiest way to catch germs, viral infections, and bacteria.

Kate C
why on earth would u wanna smoke week in the first place?
i hate try hardy kids who smoke weed to be cool
just stop it grow up and go home and jump on the trampoline

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