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Halie S
Can you die from drinking pee?
We did this April Fools prank and we put pee in sombodys coke and mixed it with orange juice and water. I know it sounds disgusting not my idea. Can you die or get sick from that?

um you might get sick from it, but I don't think you can die from it, but if you want to find out, just try it! ;-)

No but YOU could die from putting pee in someone's drink you sick f*** because I'd seriously kick someone's a$$ if they did it to me!! You might not have done it but you could have stopped it!!

Spud Pendelton
Yeah I know alot of people that have died from this....they were alcoholics....bought one case of beer and drank it over and over until they died...

Anyone can become sick with pee. Is that a joke disgusting

beaver cleaver
it depends on how healthy the kidneys that the pee came out of were. there are people who drink other peoples pee as a fetish, so a little wont hurt. but if the person finds out, someone could get hurt. and if you never tell, what kind of practical joke is that?

No. pee is sanitised.
thats a really disgusting prank though.

not die but can get sick depends on the toxins in the urine

no but my grandmother said your skin will clear up if you have acne.

Jesper Stromblad
No you cannot, in fact many people have done so in a survival situation, Including Bear Grills on man verses wild. Urine is usually sterile but if the person has a venereal disease his urine would pose a risk of infection to anyone drinking it.

There are also people who have pee fetishes, they regularly enjoy a glass of their lover's juice as a ritual of strange human behavior that I am even a little squeemish of.

A friend of mine downed a bottle of wiskey that someone used for an emergency urinal in traffic, he didn't know that it was pee until we said, dude? Did you drink that? He said that it was unusually smooth, that he could barely taste the alcohol... we told him and then he started yackin!

So you're buddie will be alright but he might just have to kick somone's @ss for that one.

alan l

No you probably wont die from drinking urine. In fact this is a survival technique. You can drink your own urine if you have no other access to water, watch man vs wild.

Ewww! Gross! I do not think that you can die from it, but I think that you can get ill from it, but I am only guessing.

Karli D
pee is sterile. so it can't harm you. or help you. it'll just come back out again. it's waste so i wouldn't reccomend drinking it though. lol

peanut's bro
No way! I always drink pee. Pee in the morning, pee at night.
It's always pee pee pee with me.

The Terribly Plain Princess
They could get sick, but they probably won't, if they are otherwise healthy and if the person whose pee it was doesn't have some nasty disease. You should make sure the person knows this and that if they feel ill they'll need to go to the doctor and say what has happened. Next time if someone wants to do this, you could speak up and say something?

no, but i hope that everyone that was in on the joke has the same thing done to them cause that is just plain wrong.

M.J ^_^*
i Haven't heard someone who died or got sick from that .

But the idea is definitely gross ! ~

Sophie K
you shouldnt drink other peoples pee!
your own is fine! n people drink it to be healthier!
but did u tell him? just incase he does feel bad!
good joke though! would love to se ehis face

no you cant. only if its diluted, but that is really messed up, not even an april fools joke..

Never heard of anyone dying from drinking urine, but I have heard of people surviving through tough situations by drinking urine. Some organizations claim urine drinking is nutritious and has been around for a while (check out the first resource).

The second resource tells of how a fisherman survived on urine and turtle meat at sea.

Answer Fairy
Yes. Very. Drinking your OWN pee is fine. In fact, there are health benefits to drinking the first urine of the day. If you are trapped under a building after and earthquake or something, then drinking your own pee can save your life....

Drinking someone else's pee can be dangerous. While it is more sterile than poop, it is still the body fluid of another human being and can transmit blood, bacteria and viruses. It's unlikely that they will get sick, but it could happen. However, if they are not sick by now, then they probably won't be. THERAPY on the other hand....

No, you cannot die. But that was a mean prank.

♥Jennifer Jeter
It's your urine....I don't think it would kill you. It was inside of you already. However, I think it would taste disgusting and be disgusting. I know you wouldn't do something like that. I would definetly say it would make you sick.....
Maybe it could even get you in the hospital. But don't worry about it......no one'll drink pee, I'm pretty sure.
If you dared me to drink pee....I'd take a lil' squirt from Derek Jeter....LOL

Victoria Liegh
no, urine is sterile. but it's still pretty gross, so it's not the nicest of pranks. ha ha.

I was going to answer this but I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I don't do this, but no you cannot die from it, in fact there are books written on it about how it cures all kinds of diseases (if you drink your own)...gross, but people believe in it.

rebecca b
no you cant unless that person's pee had some aids or something else but you cant die

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