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Caffeine Fiend
Can spicy food actually harm you (time is a factor here)?
I just ate a load of chilli con carne, and we went a bit overboard with the chillis, we put 3 in, put in some chilli powder and then added hot and spicy chilli con carne mix.

I like spicy food, and Im no wuss, I even managed to eat most of it... but my god. It hurts. I've stopped sweating and the fire in my mouth and throat is starting to burn itself out, but I have a really really sore stomach. I think I might vomit (god, I hope I dont, Im not sure my taste buds could face another wave) and I feel bloated and god awful.

Is it possible I have done something silly? Should I be crawling towards a hospital?

God, I feel awful, it hurts so bad. Im dreading my next movement... I feel like I am weeping both ends.
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It doesnt feel good for me

u should head to a hospital because the spicyness and hotness from the chili con carne could damage your stomach badly. You should rush to the hospital as fast as u can(in my advice)

Good Luck

Well, it may feel like it's going to kill you, but it won't! I do feel sorry for you, because I'm sure your mouth won't be the only thing burning!

But you do want to pay attention to what your body is telling you, because from what I understand, you can give yourself an ulcer that way.

Good luck!

Drink a lot of milk, right now.

Peppers are good for you, in general, but it sounds like you went a little nuts on it. It has been shown that peppers (the hotter the better) create endorphins that make you happy and ward off depression & anhedonia. Interesting, huh?

Lisa T
stop stressing, you may just have the trots in the morning, by the length of you question i think you have a touch of verbal diarrhoea too

Drink some milk, the capsaicins which make the chillies hot are not water soluable, they are however fat soluable so if you drink some milk it should stop the burning, eating bread and butter works in the same sort of way, hope that helps.
I have also just read that they are also disovable in alcohol so you could also have a beer or something.

I love really spicy food, especially when it is so good that you feel its effect twice!
Once on the way in, and again on the way out!
That's when you know you have had a real spicy meal.

some can. like there are hot sauces at restaurants that can send you to the hospital!! they can kill you.

We Love MinPins
I can assure you Spicy Food cant kill you! Maybe if you ate too much, you will get a stomach ache and the runs but not fatal. Are you sure its the spiciness thats making you feel sick and not the meat??? I think you might of eaten a little more than you can handle. Comida Picosa isnt for everyone!Lesson learnt hopefully.

* Im not a doctor, this is just my opinion. Ive been eating spicy food since I was 2, and Im still here.

But I too wonder if its bad for you =X

spice .......its good for you actually ..looks like your tummy does not agree, drink lots of water, keep up with fluids!

Dr Frank
No it is not harmful, there is some evidence it is actually good for you!

best bet
Drink some fresh cabbage juice, it will calm your stomach burn. 1/2 cup should do it.

Or baking soda (1/2 tsp with 1/2 cup water).

Or drink some ginger tea.

Do not stray from the toilet because you know what peppers do to the plumbing sometimes.
Works like drano.

nope.its good for you

Umm... NO! not unless you ate the peppers whole without chewing. the reason your stomach hurts is because your stomach acid is trying to break down the spicy food and the food is burning the stomach acid (not literally burning) there's not anything to worry about because the spicy food wont hurt your stomach (so you'll be fine) except for the heartburn afterwards...lol

You'll be OK. Just remember, what you eat today may burn your *** tomorrow.

LR Girl
Not sure what you got ahold of but I don't think it was the hotness making you sick...could it have been something else? Spicy foods are good for you although it is possible that they could hit your stomach wrong, I suppose. Maybe you have something else going on and the spicy food is triggering a reaction.

....."in fact, the opposite appears to be true although existing intestinal lesions may be sensitive, indicating an underlying problem that should generally be corrected before trying to use hot spices again"

Take a couple of Tums right now! See if it helps.

Beautiful -
Spicy food is actually better for you than savory!

it is a sceientific FACT!!

It is known to give you better health, people who eat these foods are VERY UNliky to develop cancer and your skin doesnt age as fast....all are facts.

but you shouldnt try to over do the spice...it shouldnt harm you (looking at the amount you put) but if it contiues to burn then go to the Dc....because of the amount you used its more likly to give you diarrea than anything

Oh dear... maybe you just overate,.... if your tummy not used to such heat!!!! lol
awww i do hope you feel better soon.. maybe you just need a good old belch!!!!!!!

well, eating spicy food is good for you, it will burn calories, & fights cancer, to cool your self down , drink a glass of milk, it stops the burning in your mouth & stomach, you will feel better after you drink the milk!!

If it continues I would check it out with a doctor, I think too much can irritate your stomach. Eat lots of yoghurt! I hope it gets better!

Your stomach is tough and will cope, although it is being pushed to it's limits- it is currently going through what your mouth endured. Try drinking some water. If it makes you vomit then you should count yourself lucky!
If it stays down then just make sure you have lots of extra soft loo roll...
A painful lesson eh!

Ultimate Guitar Hero!
You should be fine. Although it will have to come out of you one way or another. Try taking some antiacids like tums or pepto bismal. Good luck and dont eat spicy food if you cant handle it. lol. j/k


Your gonna wish you gotten a JALAPENO ENAMA after your next bowl movement. that would probably feel better than whats brewing in your gut right now!

(¯`v´¯) Nassar
If you eat a lot at once, then they can be bad for you. But spicy foods are actually good for you if you take a little at a time

Daniel H
Extremely hot (spicy) foods can actually cause blisters and exacerbate ulcers in the stomach. But unless you are having a VERY bad reaction ou probably don't need the E.R.

I think you'll, be fine- though it might hurt and, yes, you might throw up.
A lot of sites say that spicy food has a lot of health benefits. I did find something about getting gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) and ulcers- as well as other health problems at this site: http://www.weightloss-drugstore.info/Spicy-Foods.htm
But that was from regularly eating spicy foods. And there are a lot of cultures that eat spicy food daily and seem to benefit from it. It might hurt you for the next few days, but I think you haven't caused yourself any permanent damage.

you will need flame retardant toilet roll in the morning....good luck

No, I don't think so unless the burning sensation in your a** is more than you can stand. Oh yea, the whole "sh*tting through a screened door" thing could be rather bothersome too but I don't think that will actually harm you. Good luck honey.

I can't believe someone said to rush to the hospital. LOLOL How ridiculous. And the hospital would laugh at you for going there after eating too much food.

No, you don't need to go to the hospital. You just need to not eat so much. Unless you already have a bleeding ulcer--it has nothing to do with spice, it's the amount you ate. You just think the spice is what's hurting you because you have indigestion and heartburn. If you had eaten that much of vegetable soup, then you'd be tasting that over and over again, too.
Go get an Alka-Seltzer or some Pepto Bismol. Or, just throw up and get it over with.

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