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Can someone test u for drugs without your knowledge or consent?
i'm talking for medical or employment purposes. and also i'm not sure if this matters, but i live in Michigan.

Yeah, they're called the police.

No without you knowing or your consent its illegal. Because in all 50 states you must consent for any test that they might do. If not the deprived your rights. An that person can or could go to jail, Thats why the came up with Admendments and the Constitution. For the people to have rights and rules

medical they can, but only if they believe it may be behind what is causing your illness (and blood tests are automatically screened for drugs and alcohol, so nothing they give you will cause an adverse effect if you are hiding something from them) and preemployment they have to have your consent, but if you refuse you will either be denied the job or be fired. it really doesnt matter which state your in, its pretty much the same everywhere (of course if you have any more questions on this, ask your doctor or the local hospital for a copy of patients rights, and it will explain in more detail)

zoe l
yes they can .. they have started doing these in schools and job interviews .. although only qualified people can do it e.g paramedics/police etc.

They Cant, at least not for employment purposes you have to give consent! However if you refuse to give consent they can refuse to hire you! Medical they can if say you were in a bad accident they would do a tox screen to see what is in your system!

cameron b
no you need to give consent

yes, all the time. doctors will do it all the time. any one can pick up hair and have it analyzed, or if you blow your nose that to can be taking to be tested.

if you do not give consent, you can fight it, but then it would also look like you are hiding some thing.

jerry p
If they have Random Drug Screening, then yes....Out of the blue, one day they might ask you to go to a facility and get a drug screening. My friend got fired when he did his lol. But we all knew he did drugs and he got tested 3 times in 1 month.

It should be in their policy whether or not they will have random drug screenings.

Yes, if they can get some of your hair without you knowing it.

Looking for the REAL answer!
I dunno man ,I would think that's an invasion of privacy but if you feel a drug test coming you should go to gnc and get one of those cleaning drinks.

Your employer needs your consent to perform a drug test. They have the right to fire you if you fail or refuse (assuming you signed the paper when you were hired). They can't really do a sneak attack though. The legal form of the sneak attack would be to perform a random drug testing which means you show up to work one day and they let you know they are doing drug testing that day.

Andy K
it is not legal in michigan to drug test you without your knowledge although they can tell you that they need a drugtest if you refuse, its like admitting guilt and you will not be hired, or fired,and same for if you tested positive you will not be hired, or you will be fired, but they cannot turn you in. they would need probable cause and a warrent for you to be made to take a drug test

Technically they could test you without your knowledge or concent as long as they had your urine or blood sample, but they can't use the information for legal purposes. For employment purposes, they need your concent for a drug test in order to fire you, or use it for hiring purposes. For medical reasons, you would actually have to go to the doctor to get tests done, which is basically giving your concent. I had to sign a form for them to do blood work when I got pregnant. It basically said that it was ok for them to test for certain things, like HIV. Even police need to get your concent when testing for alcohol or drugs. If you don't concent, then it may mean you are confessing. But, you can hold off by asking for an attorney. Basically, in order for it to be legal, they need your concent.

For employment purposes, they just won't hire you if you won't give consent. They have to right to screen their employees.

parents can test their kids without their knowledge buy sending in hair samples.

only your parents! you have to consent, or your parents have to give their consent. depending on your age. You have a right to privacy and it is considered an invasion of privacy, I believe.

preiti k
Yes Michigander i live in Michigan too and work for a medical field as well ....If you act abnormal or silly yes you can be force to take a drug test with you consent ....and if you refuse that will probably make it more obvious and then a person can loose their job ....It has to be with your consent if not either way your employer wins......

Stop taking drugs and you can be free to give out all the samples you may like without any worry... Don't be stupid; stop frying your brain....

Kat J
If its for empolyment purposes then I THINK that they have to get your consent (or at least let you KNOW that they are testing for drugs). If its for medical reasons then they DONT have to tell you but they cant use it against you either UNLESS you are on scheduled drugs (like narcotics) for reasons like chronic pain. I know that I am taking percocets for chronic pain and my doctor can test me at ANY TIME w/out my consent to make sure that 1)I am not taking any illegal drugs and 2) that I AM taking the meds they are giving me (instead of just filling the prescription and selling the drugs). I would just come out and ASK if they are running any kind of tests like that... its YOUR RIGHT to know if nothing else!!

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