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Diamond Princess
Can marijuana be detected?
I'm a bit worried, hope some1 can help me, I smoked marijuana for the first time exactly 1 week ago, I kinda just puffed it and never really inhaled, I took about 5 puffs, I had a urinary drug test today, I want to know if it will be deteceted??

If you are fairly lean and drink lots of water then I think you will most likely pass.

You wouldn't happen to be related to Bill Clinton would you?

Umm Yeah... youre going to fail that bad boy....

Probably not, being this is your first time to smoke, only if you smoke it a lot, would it show up, like if you smoked it 3 days in a row, one week later it more than likely would show up, but every 2 months or so probably not. Hope this helps!

Yeah it will probably be detected. But fortunatly they could not prosecute you legally, unless of course you are on parole. Then they could nail you for parole violation and then you are pretty much screwed.

Who was giving you a drug test.

denisefow 45

Oh yeah, it can be detected alright. You can detect that for a long time after. Most people try to drinka lot fo water to clean out their system. It's when your pee is that bright yellow color and has the greatest amount of chemicals and other things from your body in it.

Jessica A
I guess you will soon find out. It depends on a variety of things, but marijuana is stored in your fat cells, so it remains in your system longer than a lot of other drugs. If you drink a lot of water or cranberry juice, it could help. It just all depends on how quickly your body can process it and the amount you ingested. I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up, but I'm hoping that good things happen to you and it doesn't show.

The regular amount of time it takes to get it out of your system is between 3-6 weeks.

I'm sure you don't need a lecture here, and most of us at some point have tried it, but all it seems to do is make you sleepy, hungry, and spacey. I don't know about you, but I don't need any help with these things. I do them well enough on my own.

THC can be detected in your system for up to 45 days. I've given UA's to people tht have been in jail for over an month and they tested postive for THC

Some of these folks are wrong, but it's not helping you. Regular users actually purge THC FASTER than infrequent users. But it's still around 3-5 weeks (4 weeks, give or take a week). THC is stored in fat but they're not slicing fat off of you, they're testing urine, so again, your screen will depend on how fast your body purges the THC from your fat cells.

All you can do is cross your fingers and stay clean. Most companies refuse to allow you to provide a second sample and will instead retest your first.

Next time, plan ahead and study for that test harder (abstain). Most system cleaners / heavy juice / etc are going to show up in your screen, too, and you'll get flagged. If your urine is too dilute or has a high B vitamin content then you are busted, too. Good luck.

Oh, a bit of good news - with a very infrequent user, it takes up to 5 days to APPEAR in your urine, since you have very little THC to flush. So maybe if you tested early enough you are good.

You in trouble gf.

Yes, if you smoked marijuana and took a drug test it will be discovered. When you test for life insurance they test for cigarette smokers and it takes 30 days minimum for a single cigarette to leave your system. I am by no means a professional but would assume the same for any other substance that has been chemically altered or inhaled.

☆Mrs. Rockstar☆
Dont worry about it....you'll be fine. If its the only time you've done it and didnt really inhale than it shouldnt show up. There are a lot of rumers that it stays in you're system for weeks...blah blah blah. It only stays in your system for a few days.

yes in a urine test drink lots of cranberry juice

More then likely yes it will be detected.

Diane L
I did a search it looks like it is more likely to show up than not.

Now I nope you do an update and let us know how the test actually came out.


Ford Man

when I was a security officer, our handbook told us that an extreme light smoker would only keep the drug in their system for 5 days. I think I passed and I smoke occasionally...so I think its true

Professor Chaos
shouldnt if you didnt inhale


If it was the one and only time, it can be detected for 3 to 10 days afterward. If you are habitual it takes 4 to 6 weeks after you stop.

FYI: some companies use hair samples to detect it and that will be there until that part of the hair is cut off. Since it would be at your scalp right now, I'm assuming you wouldn't want to shave your hair.

kim possible
If it really was a 1 time use you will be fine a week later. if you smoked regularly, it would build up your system.i tested every week and smoked 1 time a week right after my test and every test i took 1 week later was negative.. there is also a little leeway for thc on a test because of certain foods that come up pos. for them like poppy seeds and if you go onto the internet and look up false positive test you will understand what i am talking about, i wouldn't worry at all so relax , all your worrying won't change a final result anyway, but in the meantime stay away from it and also see what things show false pos. results just in case so your prepared, even if you say you ate an everything bagel before the test because that would show up as a pos. on a pee test . i really wouldn't be worried though because there is no build up in your system so a 1 time ordeal should still be a negative result, hope this helped. kim

Its might be, it might now be. Depends on how much water you have drank since then and all that. Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days but if its only a little bit then there is a possibility it did not remain in your system.

SeXii BuT cLaSsY
If you don't smoke regularly than NO it wont be. If you smoke all the time it can stay as far as 30 days.

yes it will show

Most likely yes, especially if it was a drug test, then they are looking for it.

Sense you have only did it once and you smoked such a small amount you should be fine. Marijane doesn't stay in your system for very long if don't smoke alot.

If it was your first time, It probably won't show if it was a week ago and not since.

Yes it probably can if there were testing you for drugs.

YES it will be there...and depending on the fat content in your body as to how long it can be there. But for those that are slimmer than others...3 weeks is how long it will take for you to be clean again.

If you're lucky and really took took puffs in your mouth, then it may not show up. But chances are, something will come up.

I'm wondering why you would be around marijuana if you're taking a drug test a week later.

Rocky Raccoon
Yes, it will be detected in a drug screen. You need to be clean for several weeks to escape having a positive drug screen.

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