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Can drinking too much Coke harm your body in any way?
can it do any serious damage to my body? i drink about one can a day sometimes more. i think i have a dependency on it since i am usually sleepy when i dont drink Coke

I drink abut 2 litres a day. I am sure it's bad for me but I like it and I don't want to give it up.

just me
Of course it damages the body especially the colorant and the carbonic gas that causes bone decalcification

coke harms your body by to much sugar you feel tired because you are use to the ammount of sugar in the coke but if you drink water as much as you drink coke you will feel refreshed i am not saying dont drink coke but water must me drank more

if you throw coke on a battery it will eat up the acid

no you have caffine problem there is tons or caffine in coke and pepsi, and lots of other soft drink, yes coke can be harmfull, the fattry acis that it has makes it even harded to burn fat, and a coke had about 12-12 suger cubes worth of suger it take 12 minths of runnin to burn one.

A can of coke is like half a candy bar. One a day isn't bad, but more than that could be.

Well soda in general is not good for you. The soda can upset your stomache and help to cause ulcers in extreme cases.

Sugar has a high level of sugar and can be harmful to your body in that way as well.

If youre not drinking 8 or more cups of water per day and all you drink is coke then yes it can cause kidney problems down the road.

Coke is basically the same as coffee (caffeine) with sugar and carbonation . . . and doing none is the same as coffee drinkers skipping coffee (although some have issue with carbonation)
It is good to do 1 week a year abstinence from caffeine, sugar , salt and other additives just to clear the system and get it flushed.
Actually , 1 week without sugar & the first coke will taste like syrup !

The biggest problem with coke is the sugar level and the acid. Too much puts a huge demand on your pancreas for insulin to digest the refined sugar, not to mention the affect on your teeth which is etched by the acids in the soda to accept the sugars and their cavity causing properties. You could get diabetes with the insulin demand...

If you want caffeine, try tea or coffee instead.

You should read this over:

What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now?

Now, I cannot confirm that everything on there is true, however, he does list various sources which can help you understand what coke *might* do to your body.

Robert F
The combination of sager and CO2 deteriorates the discs in the back. there is a higher occurrence of mouth and esophagus cancers with coke a cola dr peper eats up the colon. they are also high in acids.
The artificial sweeteners (aspertame) when heated to approx 105 deg. it turns toxic

one can will not hurt you
a dozen might give you diabetes, or rot your teeth, or high blood pressure

Everything in excesses is bad for you. I doubt if a dependency has developed considering you can drink only one soda a day. Not bad at all! Sodas can give you extra calories, sugars are hard on the teeth, caffeine (causes nervousness), bones break down, breast problems can develop over too much caffeine, and much more.

Yes it can....
Drink water and fresh juices and you will feel much better

Coke is very addictive, and contain a lot of caffeine. don't drink everyday. Once a week will do.

Lloyd S
Well, too much of anything can harm you.
Obviously you know coke has caffiene and is addicitive.
Sounds like you've built a dependency for caffiene to energise you. Much like a drug addict you appear to have become used to the constant supply of caffiene to charge your senses not to mention keep you awake.
Along with that, your teeth have a natural coating of calcium and floride to protect your teeth from corrosion.
Coke strips the teeth of this leaving it open to decay and staining.
But damn it taste good so keep drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!

you will die in 7 days

uh yeah I had a cyst removed that was the size of a grapefruit from drinking coke.

I made this!
Yes!!! It is the phosphoric acid that deteriorates the cartilage around your bone and causes your joints to ache and crack when you pop your knuckles and it messes with your stomach lining. Plus, there is the caffeine and sugar that causes many other problems as you will read from everyone else response!.

A few things:

Coke is a caffeinated beverage, and like all such drinks, contains a very high amount of sugar, that stuff that makes you "less sleepy". However, the calories that you gain by drinking Coke are basically empty calories. You're body can't store them, so it uses them up right away, and your body winds up "crashing" after drinking it if you become dependant on it.

Will that potentially do any damage to your body? There has been a recent outcry among health activists (whether true or not I can't say as I don't personally have to worry about it for me) that drinking soda is among the leading causes of childhood obesity, in addition to all that junk food that kids eat. These people believe that we are faced with a serious health concern as a result of becoming overly dependant on "useless carbs". My philosophy dictates that, if you don't overdue it, it probably won't do you any harm. I think that I have something genuine to say about this because I am 5'10" tall and weigh only 140 and consistantly have trouble gaining weight. My diet is very well-balanced and I rarely ever drink carbonated beverages, not so much for health reasons but because I simply don't like how they taste. I'd much rather drink water, milk, or juice. For clarity, though, I'll also add that my personal metabolism is extremely high, so I burn a lot of calories and energy just by the mere fact of "doing what I do".

So anyway, while drinking too much Coke probably isn't the best thing for your body compared to other choices you could make, it probably isn't the worst one either.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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