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I didn't. It was my friend. Im not that low....

ceta c
my grandma is like 4'11, but she said she was 5'2 when she was young, she said she just 'shrunk'...

So is it true? can people shrink when they reach old age?

i heard b4 its the 'spine' that curves more that makes the old people shrink, but my grandma isn't even HUNCHED-BACK at all ! she has a straight back and good posture, so what is true here? :S

u dont shrink u just dont get taller unless ur spind bends

Probably. But people that pass away shrink even more.

"it's common for older people to become a little shorter over time. It isn't dramatic or sudden. It takes place over years and may add up to only an inch or so off of their adult height (maybe a little more, maybe less). This kind of shrinking can't be reversed, although people can slow or stop this process. But why does shrinking happen at all?

As people get older, they generally lose some muscle and fat from their bodies as part of the natural aging process. Gravity (that force that keeps your feet on the ground) takes hold, and the disks, or cushions between the bones in the spine, get compressed over time. The back bones, called vertebrae (say: vur-tuh-bray), end up pressing closer together, which makes a person lose a little height and become shorter.

Another reason why some older people shrink is because of osteoporosis (say: oss-tee-oh-puh-ro-sis). Osteoporosis occurs when too much spongy bone tissue (which is found inside of most bones) is broken down and not enough new bone material is made. Over time, bone is said to be lost because it's not being replaced. Bones become smaller and weaker and can easily break if someone with osteoporosis is injured.

Older people - especially women, who generally have smaller and lighter bones to begin with - are more likely to develop osteoporosis. As years go by, a person with osteoporosis can get small breaks in bones that are called compression fractures. These breaks cause collapse of the vertebrae and over time the person with osteoporosis can become hunched over or stooped."


Yes, I'm a nurse, and most people do shrink, I call it "settling". I'll measure someone, and they swear, I can't be 5'5", I used to be 5'8"..................so, to everyone out there, it is something that very often occurs as you age. Fun, isn't it ~~~

Jon C
Yes, very true! Try to keep a good amout of calcium in your diet to keep your spine strong and keep your weight in check so that it wont be too heavy on your bones

Yes, people do shrink as they reach old age. I think it has something to do with your bones losing cartilage and therefore becoming smaller.

Deirdre O
As the body ages the discs, spaces between the vertebrae disintegrate causing a loss of height.

lunatic number 100
Yes, you can because of the force of gravity pushing down on you. This happens as people get older!


Hi Ceta, Yes,this is true. I used to be 5' 3" i am not 5' 2" and i have no hunch back,but my spine has no curve to it. So you can expected to shrink in size alittle when you become older.
This is the true.


Yes people do shrink with age.

At 21 i was 6-1 and a half, i am 39 now and stand 6 foot so yes you do shrink as you age.


and if you are a guy, you can shrink as you get colder :)

wind it up
yea. older people shrink.

Clown Knows
Yes. Gravity compresses the spine.

Mike M
yes a cause of this can be bone loss and old age as well

yes, you can shrink as you age...usually people with osteoporosis...and it's caused by tiny fractures in the spine that cause compression and "shortening".

Yes, The spine becomes brittle and you can get tiny fractures in the vertebra which make them compress. -hence, you get shorter!


Starting at about age 40, people typically lose about half an inch each decade, with some faster shrinkage after age 70. Senior citizens may shrink as much as three inches.

yes everybody shrinks. it's part of the aging process

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