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Can Lasik surgery accomplish correction for both distance and near sightedness?

No. I dont think so.

yes, it can i heard it works really good.

just get contacts
there cheap and work fine
i get disposable for very cheap prices
and it works out for me

lasik does correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness tho

There is a separate surgery for the nearsightedness.

Its amazing how some folks will answer some of these questions with bad/old information. As some other answerers have said, yes, it corrects both, as well as astigmatism. My wife had all 3 corrected last year via Lasik, and it went great, she hasnt had any problem at all- and she had horrible sight and astigmatism since about the age of 2 or so, she was one of those tiny kids you see in glasses. Now she's 20/20. And she's never regretted it for an instant.



It can do both

Lasik corrected my short sighteness, if that's a word. And it is fantastic - it's the best thing I ever did, even if it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable when it's first done!! I'm pretty sure it does long sight too, but it's used more for short sight, as far as I am aware

Hope that helped!

You do need to find out more. It works for both short and longsighted vision, but there has been known problems after surgery such as blurry vision that cannot be corrected. (not many people suffer from this, check with your doctor.)

Definitely both but they charge a bit more for people with astigmatism. :(

Can't wait to afford it myself. (about 1200 per eye)


Lasik is only for nearsighted people. They tell you that over age 40 for men - you may still require reading glasses after you have had Lasik done. But ask anyone who had it - it is GREAT!!!

no i believe its only distance

yes i just had it done


yes and yes, but near sightedness loss occuors natuarlly. so, you'll need reading glasses eventually.

Sammie Jo
yes, my dad got it done when he was a optician, and he says its great to have but u have to have drops almost everyday

been looking into ask lately and I believe it's primary purpose is for nearsighted (or folks you can't see very far) vision.
Don't quote me. You can use that link to learn more.



my stepbrother had lasik and 3(if that many) months later, he had to start wearing glasses again.
another downside is that it is expensive i think his surgery costed like $1200 per eye

It did for me.

I've heard it can correct both, but probably you could find more information about it at this website.

curious me
One of our neighbors had the procedure done. They corrected one eye for far sight and the other for near sight, does that make sense to you. He said they told him his eyes would adjust and he would learn to use the eye he needed when it was needed and it cost alot of money. Now he doesn't have to wear bifocals

I would say only a licensed optometrist could answer that for you. When it comes to your eye sight, I would only trust a reputable optician.

It corrected my shortsightedness and severe astigmatism.
I suppose it can correct farsightedness as well.

been there, done that. i had the old surgery where they removed my lens in both eyes and was NOT satisfied with it. Nowadays they have new and improved techniques. I was so very nearsighted, i had cataract surgery cuz they couldnt do anything else at that time ( about 9 years ago )
I just had lens replacement surgery, not the Lasik everyone talks about these days. However, I need glasses for reading and also have to get my new lenses 'cleaned' as they get fogged up a lot. good luck kiddo!!! i do recommend it.

[//S U M pieces 4 1 X x]
Yes it can because I have done research for my self into getting it and I found out that it is for both.

yeah itmay but it depends on the surgeon and equipment

Yes it can. It can also correct astigmatism. I was near sighted & had astigmatism. Lasik done in 2003. It has been wonderful. I wore glasses or contacts for over 30 years. My allergies had gotten so bad I had to go back to glasses. This is not that expensive if you look at it over a period of time. I know in the previous 3 years I had spent close to $900 on glasses. I went to The Lasik Institute in Columbus OH. Dr. Berger was great. I looked into it very well, checking the medical boards for the states he operated in etc., before opting to have this procedure done. I spent around $1100. total for both eyes.

I believe it depends on what is causing the vision problem. What Lasic does to correct your vision is this.

Due to the cornea being out of round, the eyes does not process the incoming light correctly. Your vision is worse the worse out of round the cornea. This opperation was, and still is in some place, done with a scalpal. the goal is to slice through the fine, filaments I'll call them, that are pulling too tightly. as the tiny incitions slice minute amounts of the filaments, the remaining ones can't hold up and they begin to stretch. This allows the cornea to ease back into an, as perfect as possible circle, thus restoring your vision. There can be one drawback, whereas you may never have had to wear reading glasses in your old age, there is now the possibility that you will. The guy that wrote about monovision is correct in that I believe it would be better to adjust only one eye and leave the other alone.

I wear one contact and operate in omnivision better than my friends do seeing in stereo vision. The eye with the contact focuses for far sightedness using the other for depth perception and the eye without the contact can focus on nearby things. I can hold a book up to an inch from my nose and see it perfectly and read a street sign from half a block away.

Kent Brewster
Yes. I had one nearsighted (left, 20/1600) and one farsighted (right, 20/10+) eye. Six years ago (age 39) I had them both corrected to 20/20 with Lasik, by Dr. Edward Manche of the Stanford Laser Eye Center, linked below. My right eye has recently begun to drift a tiny bit farsighted again, but the left is holding fine.

Tater Salad
Ive been looking into lasik lately and I believe it's primary purpose is for nearsighted (or folks you can't see very far) vision.
Don't quote me. You can use that link to learn more.

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