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John S2005
Are there really 2 million people in the USA who weigh over 500 pounds ?
I heard this on a tv documentary about obese people, focusing on a 29 year old texas woman who weighed about 900 pounds. She died after an operation.

Ashley R
no its actually all of America (engilsh guy ) ‚ėĽ

It doesn't sound right. If they all jumped at the same time we might have a massive earthquake!

I wouldnt doubt it, and really it there faults. like my neighboor he was so skinny when he first moved here now he looks like a beach ball and he just keeps getting bigger, its because he just sits inside and eats and plays on the computer and video games, its the parents fault too, they should be forcing there kids to go play outside with other kids so they can get the exercise a kid needs to be heathly and not fat. everytime i see an obease person i laugh my *** of bc they did it to there selfs, its not genetic thats an excuse. so to all you fattys stop going to lunch at mcdonalds and try something more like natures choice, they have good food. the best chicken salad sandwhiches ever. oh and by the way there are ways to make your motabolism faster bc i did it.

sounds kinda far fetched but you can start a tally list at your local mcDonalds..

I doubt it

&& bxtch ima kinq.
idk but the US is the fattest country in the world. it really makes me sad because in africa there are starving ppl who you cna see their ribs and all sorts of bones. but here ppl are greatly obese.

Tayler T
I'd believe it. Especially if it was on T.V. becuase the T.V. can't lie, it doesn't have a brain. Lol

but seriously, I think there are prolly not that many in the U.S., but prolly that many in the whole world.

I don't think so, but there might be 20% in USA.

Marc S
Bare minimum.

yeah. we have the highest percentage of obese people in the world. hell we have a dessert called "death by chocolate." what does that say about us.

Blue Rain
I highly doubt that.

umm kinda doubtful...

Well god thats weird. I hope not. But if there is they all need help.
Love Tiff XOXOX

Theres probably hundreds of people who way over 500 lbs. People are huge, man. My nieghbor weighs atleast 450.

Very seriously doubt it but I did see 2 yesterday here in Kansas! LOL

Totoro C
i....really don't think so...

Just look at any TV show where they take a camera into the streets of an American city at lunch hour! I think we have azzes in this country that weigh at least that much!

‚ô• TOON LINK ‚ô•
Whoa, 500 pounds? Maybe a little lower than that and I would believe it

lots of obese people out there but that number seems excessive...and I personally have never seen anyone say over 400....

Russell K
2 million is about 1% of the population, so it is posible. People over 500 lbs are probably not walking around, so you don't see them.

allysen b
2 moillion is kinda pushing it but there are a lot.

It is possible. You have to remember the USA is a huge country and has over 300 million people. While 2 million sounds like a lot of people it is actually less than 1% of our population.

Marketing here in the US likes to throw out numbers like "over 1 million have already bought it" to get people to jump on the bandwagon and buy it too. If people stop to think that 1 million is less than 1/2 of 1% they'd realize what a pitifully small number that really is.

Having said all that I find the above number a little doubtful. I'm 6'3" and even when I was grossly overweight it only amounted to around 400 pounds. (I've lost the weight since then.) Given that I'm very tall and never hit 500 pounds it seems that the average American being shorter than me even if more grossly overweight than I was at my max would have a hard time hitting 500 pounds.

Julie N
there are probably 2 million who weigh over 300 lbs but 500 I doubt it

Mizz Zero
I guess I'd have to know how many people there actually are in the USA... but we ARE a fat country, generally speaking, and have a MUCH bigger problem with obesity than most others... so I don't know... that may be an exaggeration, but I really wouldn't be too surprised.

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