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Are there any over the counter medicines that induce vomiting?

eyedrops :)

all are precription.
unless you have an alergy or something.

ask for Syrup of Impicack (not sure if that is spelt correctly)

Him Roy Dull
dude use your finger my god

syrup of Ipecac it's about 2.00 at the drug store

Hello =)

Syrup of Epicac. It's something that people really should have at home, in their first aid kit, but no one ever does. You'll probably have to ask the pharmacist for it, but it doesn't require prescription.

Namaste, and Happy New Year,


ipecac syrup for some good projectile puking

Syrup of ipecac. Good luck!!


Syrup of Ipecac


yep ! don*t remember the name of it . go to your druggist & thry will give you something !

syrup of epicak
maybe i spelled it wrong but that's the ticket for gettin out what shouldn't be in.

Use your finger, cheaper and doesn't taste as bad



be careful I woke up in an ambulance after drinking it..

Emily B
syrup of ipecac

ipecac syrup. Can buy at walgreens, or any drug store

ipecac is what we use in the er to induce vomiting when it is indicated
mixing it with room temperature 7 up or sprite makes it more palatable and speeds effects
drinking a glass of water with salt will also work

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