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Will they find marijuana in my system if i take a pee test?
I went to the doctor because of a UTI, he asked me to take a urine test. I smoked marijuana 2 days prior to peeing in the cup. Will the results show the marijuana in my system? Can the doctor do anything because of this? Am i screwed basically?
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So if marijuana is found in the pee, can i get arrested? Could i use being around people who smoke as an excuse?

well how old are you? if your scared your parents will find out don't worry because when they do a test like that they do it for a specific reason, they don't go checking for the what ifs. if your older than 18, that's between you and your doctor.Your doctor is not going to call the police on you for using drugs, its illegal for them to share your file with anybody besides you, unless you consent to share it with someone else, and if you do they make you sign a form. They cant even share your file with the police unless they have a subpoena from a judge for your file.

john g
yes,if you were sent by work he'll probably report it and yes

Ollie T
dude u shouldn't do marijuana but oh well not my body.. and yh cause its in ur blood and your body is trying to get rid of it as well so you are screwed.

railroad dave
pee test or whizz quiz ? was this at a workplace infirmary ? why would they use an elisa (pot) test to look for an uti ?

Kelly M
No...you are not screwed. If the doctor is running a regular UA (Urine Analysis) to diagnose a bladder infection, He is looking for blood, white and red blood cells and a few other tests. If he is looking for drugs then he or she has to tell you and get permission to run the test before hand. Then there are rules that he has to follow like: check the temperature at once, someone must witness you peeing, and the handles at the sink must be taped shut and the water in the toilet must have a chemical added to it to prevent you from adding it to the cup. Don't worry, I promise you that everything is going to be all right.

By the way in case you are interested, THC stays in the body and is excreted in the urine for 30-45 days

bob k
It will show up for 30 days, up to a year with a hair follicle test. Why don't you just stop smoking the weed?

no unless they were testing for it.

Probably. If he says anything, tell him it was a contact high. You went to a party; everyone was smoking and you left.

keara k
I don't think your Dr. can do anything even if he were to discover from your urine test that you have been smoking marijuana. I perform drug screens on a daily basis for my company and regularly have people fail them, there is nothing I can do besides not hire them. I would think all your Dr. can do is to counsel you not to continue smoking.

Carol (Yeah I said it!) G.
They can not drug test you without your permission. That is
unless you work for a company that sends you to their Doc,and u signed a release for drug testing randomly.

Yes, for anything up to 6 weeks.

spirit free
They will find it if theyt are testing for it. but normally they don't test for it unless it is requested by a employer or by A.P.& P. or other law enforcements. but if it is just for a U.A. to see if you have infections or other things. then I doubt that they will test for it. It has to be a requirement in which ever reason why you are taking the test.
For Your Info. Marijuanna stays in your system for up to 30 days. but you can mask it being there with the right induced methods.
If it need to be done.

RaVeN @16:37 R.I.P.
Yes you are unless you are taking a prescription for pain and if this is the case you can tell them that the results are what is referred to as a false-positive and this will ' buy ' you time so that your body can eliminate this from your system .
You will probably receive some better answers from those who know ! Good luck ! :0)

yes i would say you are it stays in your body about 30 days depends on how much you smoke.

dude dont panic man
you can smoke it but get 24 hours of rest i mean dont smoke for 24hours. if u smoked it now in monday ull be fine ;)

Why are you worried? If you are going to be concerned about it like this, you really don't need to smoke. Weed is for people who just basically don't care. You obviously do, so smoking is not for you and that's a good thing. Give it up, there is something better for you.

No the test was for the infection not for drugs. Unless someone requested a drug test they wont run one. HEPA laws prevent the doctor from revealing the outcome to anyone unless you gave permission.

why would they test for marijuana if you went for a UTI? If they are checking for marijuana - yes - it probably will show up.

No don't worry they do a completely different test for that. so if there not looking for that they wont find it.

lol......only if they are testing for that!.....if not, just think some girls are even prettier in jail uniforms.

Healing for My Soul
if it was only a uti not a drug test then no he will not find it cause he didn't test 4 it

I know someone..not me...who went to GNC and got a product that cleaned his system. Pee tests are easier to fool than when they take your hair.That's when you are screwed. You have to take that GNC cleanser or search the net for a cleaner and drink LOTS of water.

And I don't know that doctor's report that...in fact I've known a few doctors that partake.

dont panic ...what can they do ....only if they were looking for it and if you are a major marajuana user it would really show up even though thc can be detected for up to 30 days...only if they are looking for it and DRs offices arent usually there toget people in trouble!
relax....dont panic...its organic!

No i wouldnt worry about it, unless they were specifically testing for it then i dont think it will show and 2 days it may even be out of your system... even if they did they wouldnt inform the police or anything, so depending on why your concerned i doubt it

JEN â„¢
NOOOO there is a separate test to detect drugs & i'm sure he probably didn't check nor would he care if u came in for a UTI.

They would only find that if they did a specific panel to test for drugs in your system. As far as what they can do I am not sure.

No because they are not testing for drugs, they are testing for any diseases. There is a special test they need to check for that and usually doctors offices don't do it.

they won't find anything if they aren't looking for it. They need to specifically ask for a tox screen and what the screen is for to test for any such thing.

You can't be tested for drugs without your prior consent. If you were being tested for UTI, that is all the lab tech will run the test for. Don't worry. You will be just fine.

The dr is not checking for marijuana he is checking for a UTI. IT is not the same test. He is only checking for an infection you are fine. He is not checking for drugs dude relax...

dude your screwed.

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