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angela d
Will beer help a bladder or urinary tract infection or does anyone know of anything besideds cranberry?

try green tea or pure cherry juice but cranberry is the best

My great aunt used to treat her urinary tract infections by drinking a large glass of 5% acetic acid (vinegar). She said it worked; I've never tried it. Sometimes it is sufficient to flush your system thoroughly with a LOT of water, but cranberry juice is a good preventative. Beer is not recommended, as anything containing alcohol will make a UTI worse.


Dont think beer is a good idea. Lots of water and get some oil of oregano capsules from a heath store or vitamin store. Trust me, they really work. Cranberry juice is good, but not the sweetened kind cuz the sugar could actually make it worse. So lots of water and the oil of oregano pills. You will pee alot and cleanse yourself out.

not really, my sister always gets them and they make these cranberry pills that she takes that you can get at any drug store , other than that i think there is only antibiotics from a doctor....i had one once and just waited it out.....i'll never do that again!!

Cranberry juice acidofyes the urine and that is good, but you need a sulfa drug or antibiotic to cure it and prevent chronic infection.

I've heard that it can help, because it makes you pass urine quite a lot and may help infection.......If you don't like drinking cranberry juice, there is medicine you can take to help, but you should see a doctor!.... Good luck!

urinary tract infections should be treated by a doctor. All they need is a sample of urine done at the doctor's office. An antibiotic is the way to go.

pure cranberry juice
pineapple juice. or try this recipe.
buy a pineapple, cut the outside part of the pineapple. boil in a big pan, pineapple skin and water. bring to a boil and let it simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes. then drain out the water into large water pitchers. drink it with a little bit of sugar or honey to sweeted it. it is a great way to clean out your system and be able to go to the bathroom normally.
also eat pineapple. they are very good for you, but fresh is better, no added sugar or syrup.

I've heard beer is good for a number of body ailments, but bladder infection was not one of them. Stick to juice and water and get medical treatment if you don't clear up in a reasonable time - say a week to 10 days.

Drink a beer and clean your bladder out. When I was younger the doctor told my mom to give me a forty and it would help clean me out.

No to the beer, yes to cranberry juice and water. Go to the doc. and get some antibiotics it will clear it up faster

This is the only time in all my life you will ever hear me say that beer is bad, if you have an infection beer is the last thing you want, stick to the juice. Alcohol is the waste by-product of a micro-organism, add that to an existing infection,equals a rapid progression of your infection.

i would think beer would make it worse....i would just stick to the cranberry

Water with lemon juice too...but you really should drink cranberry JUICE

< Roger That &gt;
Absolutely not! Your bladder and kidneys have a hard time processing beer, so it will only make the infection worse.

Like the others have said- water and pure cranberry juice only. Then you can go to the doctor for an antibiotic (Septra is pretty good) and maybe even a urinary tract analgesic, like peridium.

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