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Heida V
Why is it when my husband and i go to bed we get hot and can sleep with just a sheet?

u and him are hott for eachother LOL

Joey K
He's probably sleeping with his secretary.

98.6+98.6=197.2 Try a fan

Hank Hill
Lucky you! I can't remember the last time my wife and I went to bed and got hot.

because your gettin old!!

this happens to me too when I go to sleep. I've always wondered the same thing about myself, good question

Because you cannn!

marilee w
good question. When we go to bed my husband is hot and I am always cold after he gets me warm then it is too hot the rest of the night. i think men with a lot of body hair produce more body heat.

umm double the body heat.

Lolly Girl
men are very warm (i love it) and its just body heat i suppose.

i know what you mean, sleeping next to my husband makes me hot too. :)

I get hot when I go to sleep too. And I am not even sleeping with your husband. (he told me to say that).

Body temperature goes up at night, it is normal. Some of us just get hotter than others.


Your chemistry is that GREAT!!!! Do NOT complain!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

some people's body temperature rises while they're asleep even if they sleep alone. or some people sleep under blankets that don't let any air in or out so that once the air inside gets warm the body has no outside air to cool it off.

~Just A Girl~
Body heat my dear...try using a fan...

Kristy M
body heat

its because of the body heat.
like when u cuddle with someone in the cold
u get warmer because of the body heat.
it comes handy
it also may be the size of the bed.
cuz the smaller the more heat
cuz your closer to each other

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