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ramon s
Why does my hand crack and bleed???
Its only my right hand my left has never cracked open but my right is in so much pain from the cracks. I work construction. Is there a cure!!!! please help

Chastity M
If it's just one hand it could be psoriasis. I have it on one elbow. Usually if it's an environmental reason it'll show up more than one place. Use cortizone cream. You can get it over the counter or you can get a high percentage from a prescription.

You need to go to a place like bath and body works and get a sugar scrub not a salt scrub. Scrub the dead skin cells off your hands and get a healing lotion for after words and apply it daily. Your hands will feel awesome instanly.

might be the dry weather, or do u wash ur hands a lot? that happened to me.is that the hand u use the most? u probably wash it extra without even realizing it.

It is just damaged, dry skin. With all the work you do it probably doesn't have time to heal. Two things that i know work are : A lotion called corn huskers...ya goofy name and its all goopy kinda slimy but it works..the second might be better its gold bonds ultimate healing lotion with aloe. A lot of nurses i know use this because their hands also crack open and bleed from having to wash their hands so much. Hope that helps.

You need to slather antibiotic creme on your hand and cover it with a clean white glove or sock before you go to bed so the creme can soak in. Either that or use sesame seed oil or olive oil instead.

Try "Udder Cream". They have it by the pharmacy at walmart. They use it for cracked teats on cattle, and it works really well on hands and feet. Slather it on your hand at night and sleep with a glove of sock over that hand to help keep the lotion from rubbing off. Just do this every day and it will help. Make sure to do it even when the cracks heal, so it won't get dried that badly again.
Hope this helps!

You may have a skin condition like excema or something. But whether it's serious dry skin or a specific condition, use a serious hand lotion like shea butter and drink plenty of water which helps all kinds of skin conditions.

You should use some good lotions that moisturize and treat SEVERELY dry skin. Also, next time you see your doctor, see if they can prescribe or suggest something. GOOD LUCK! :)

Quit wacking it so much...

Also, please stop looking for something here, that will not become real..
Your Ex Left you for another Man .. we know this..
I was right about the wacking it because you are alone in BFE!...
you are looking for sympathy and it shouldnt happen here... cause its NOT REAL!

maybe it eczema dry skin try wearing gloves more to protect the hands and get a doctors opinion right now you need a prscribed medication

Wear leather gloves if possible when working.
Apply hand lotion before/after work and right before going to bed.

cocoa butter , shea butter, pure olive oil. rub it in !

I don't know except you should see a doctor(and not the one your company would recommend, they'll just get paid to say it's not serious). This happens in slaughterhouses where people who are hurt get doctors from the company that tell them lies so get your own. And then just do what he/she tells you.

jessica i
I am a stay at home mother of 4. And my hands crack and bleed a LOT!!! And the pain sometimes brings tears to my eyes. Mine is due to doing dishes 3 to 4 times a day. U might want to try Vaseline or lubraderm hand lotion. It works for me. I don't like the Vaseline due to the greasy feeling but anything is better than the pain.

cocoa butter and vitamin e oil

deb m
Here is the magical answer. Go to the chemist and buy something called Wool Fat. Pure lanolin. Great for many things yes its sticky but rub it on and your skin will drink it up and takes the soreness out of it. I hope you do give it a go,cause it really works. My ex hubby was a concretor and he swears by it so does his work mates. His hands use to bleed not any more. Its also good for cracked lips, nappy rash, cuts and wounds I use it when needed and have put many people onto it its great stuff and not expensive, give it a couple of days and use it twice a day and you will notice a big difference.WOOL FAT.

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