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Why do you lose your taste when you have a cold, and how can you get it back?

Steve W
gargle on bleach usually does it for me

The Love Hormone
the only way to get it back is to pretend or get rid of the cold straight to the source of the problem

Taste & smell go hand in hand.

it will come back gradually as you get rid of your cold, happy eating when it does

Because a lot of tastes are based on smell, and when you have a cold, your sense of smell is reduced.

What, what, what??
Have you ever plugged your nose when you were tasting something? Your ability to smell your food is an important part of the tasting part of your digestive system. You will normally get it back when you get rid of your cold.

Charles B
It is because when you have a cold, your sinus are blocked with mucus and as a result can not smell your food, which results in your inability "to taste". After you recover from the cold, your sense of 'taste'/smell will recover.

When your nose is blocked it stops you from tasting things, so when im taking medicine i dont like i hold my nose so that it doesnt taste on anything...then i quickly put a bit of chocolate and let go on my nose.....all i taste then is chocolate :-)

you lose your taste when you have a cold because you taste food through your nose as well as your mouth so when your nose is blokedyou lose your taste

to do with the nose, we SMELL as much as we taste!

hold your nose and eat food next time your healthy...

amazing! see....

gargle bleach????lol

world traveler
The senses of taste and smell are related. When you can not smell, foods often don't have much of a taste. when you have a cold, your sense of smell is often compromised. Once your sinuses clear up, you will be able to taste again. So rest, drink plenty of fluids, and in a bit you will be better.

Tobias R
taste is linked to your sense of smell, when your nose is blocked you can only taste salt/ sweet/ sour/ bitter - the taste ability that resides in the tongue. When your nose comes back on line you get the full range back!

When the cold goes away, you will get your taste back. Until then, there isn't much you can do. A lot of the ability to taste things has to do with your nose. As long as your nose / and/ or sinisus are blocked up , you won't be able to taste much. Good luck ! :)

This is because a large part of the "taste" comes in through smell. You need to be able to smell to taste food properly.

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