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Why do the vitamins I take make my pee bright yellow?
I take a multi vitamin for women from GNC every day, and it makes my pee bright neon yellow. The lady at GNC said that was normal, but why?

Cause they make the yellow get peed out. Since vitamins are nutrients they come in and crowd out the yellow and it goes down to the closest kidney and gets peed out.

The same thing goes for poo-poo. But you don't watch your poo-poo or shine fluorescent light on it, I'm just guessing.
When you say vitamins, you mean also minerals? Cause it's the really the minerals that are doing that.

But if you drink cranberry juice and start peeing fluorescent red, that's a whole other story. And if you really want to see lots of red in your pee-pee, drink beet juice especially pickled beets. It's all very scientific, and I just can't go into it all here cause my education ain't what it used to be okay?

Probably the dye in the pills. I've taken pills before that turned it red the same way.

It's the iron that turns your pee yellow.Nothing to worry 'bout though.

these are the extra vitamins you're body doesn't need coming out. It doesn't concentrate your urine. Vit C does the same thing. Your body can only handle a certain amount of certain vitamins at a time. If you take too much of these vitamins it is expelled in your urine. So you really don't get the full effect. That's why some vitamins are to be taken twice a day (meaning 12 hours apart) so that your body can get the full benefit of it. You can drink more water because you should anyway, there's nothing to be worried about. Take them everyday, they are water soluble and needs to be replaces daily.

just a girl
Anything that you comnsume can affect your pee. Tablets are made with a combination of things to give it, its form, eg.tablet. It sticks it all together like the egg in a cake.When they make mecication they used different ingredients to construct the product.
It's nothing to worry about.If it bothers you greatly you can just buy a different brand of the drug.

most vitamins are water soluable, so when you take more than your body can use, it runs right through, taking multi vit is for the most part a waste of good money and does very little for you, unless you have a specific need.

It concentrates your urine. Yes it is normal. Drink plenty of water, your pee will be back to normal in no time! = )

The dye in the pills can do this

Iron in your vitamins does NOT affect the color of your urine, contrary to what the woman above me seems to think. Not sure what women's vitamin you're taking, but I was taking a multi-vitamin a while back, and I think it had lycopene in it, that made my urine neon yellow as well. I honestly can't remember what was in the vitamin, but it was a large, dark green pill. It's nothing to worry about. It is normal for that to happen. Just like when you drink a bunch of coffee, your urine smells of coffee, or when you eat onions, it smells of onions.

The vitamins you are taking are giving you excessive amounts that you body is not absorbing, whereby your body is passing what it doesn't need and any excess of the vitamins. Don't take your vitamins everyday take one every two or three days. This should help.

After your body has flushed your system the excess vitamins go out through your urine, usually the excess vitamin C turns the pee yellow.

Your digestive tract and kidneys try to absorb all the Vitamins and minerals they can. Once your body reaches a saturation point it then eliminates all of the excess vitamins and minerals. It is normal and as of yet we have no idea of the long term damages or concequences of overloading your body. The science points to not causing much damage, however nutriton as we know it didnt become a science until 1941. So we have not had even 100 years to find out.

because of Vitamin B Complex

vitamin c will do that.

If you are concerned, see your doc. Try drinking more water too!

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