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Why do i smell bad?? even though i bath once a month?
i donno man.. everybody says that i stink!!

Dude, as long as you stay downwind and 100 yards away, not a problem.

Try bathing more often. The smell should go away.

you should bathe at the very least twice a week, for your health

Georgia Girl
You just answered your own question...you bathe once a month!!!

are you bathing once a month whether you need it or not?

Try showering every day. If you can't, shower every other day. Sometimes it is hard for me to shower, i.e. I'm taking care of my step-kids and they need my attention. Some quick hygiene tips: just have a washcloth in your bathroom, put some soap on it, and wash your body. For shampooing just use leave in shampoo.

Maybe you should start takin' a bath EVERYDAY, stinky person!!! I take it back if you're poor or anything, but still, you can go to a public place somewhere and put on some deodorant.

I would have my nose checked out...you do not smell at all...you could probably save on the water bill by cutting back to a bi-monthly wash job. Good luck

well it...wait..once a month?

So you were missing your Answers fix too huh? Take a shower at least once daily if not more. Brush your teeth, including your tongue. Use mouthwash and deoderant. Clean clothes daily, esp. socks and underwear. Now stop being silly.

Don't listen to them...You don't need to bathe more often.

Just get some patchouli oil...You'll smell better right away!!

start trying to take one once a day or a week even.

King of Hearts
Stop bathing, it is unnecessary; just start using a perfume.

100 mein 80 beimaan, phir bhi mera bharat mahaan.


answer is in your question

i see you don't have a clue.good-luck in life

If your not dirty , every other month will do.

bath once a day

Try taking a bath daily

Dude i serously don't know what those other peoples problem is i have the same prob. jkjk

well in america everyday is the normal routine. and some bathe more than that.

Crystal C
once a month, huh?!? Problem solved!

anthony l
once a month?!?!?!?! you should do it everyday or once a week at least........or use deoderant and axe

Hey, I think I know what your problem is... I don't know where you are from, but I live in the US and we bath at least once a day. That would really help you a lot. But listen, there are three things to do, and maybe you should try them: Wash everyday, use soap when you do wash, and make sure when you are done to "put on deodorant!" If you use deodorant without washing with soap, it'll cover up the smell, but you'll still smell stank after a while, and even worse. If you wash and don't use soap, you'll begin to stink too, even if you put on deodorant. Only a daily wash, with soap, and deodorant when your done is the surest way to smell fresh... Then you can put on some cologne and actually get play from the honeys'! Try it, and let me know it works out for you.

Spice Sugar
once a month man dude i take a shower every day you should start doing that

Karen S
It's because you only bath once a month.... dirty pig!

Ha! I can smell you from here! You stink.

Maybe cause your full of crap!

Vanessa C
cause ur sopposed to take a shower once a day man stop being gross

Take one everyday.

u should be proud of yourself... u know.. there was this guy from Britain(some earl) who bathed only thrice his life. u should keep him as you role model... rich ppl do not bath so often either.

u should minimise ur bathing activities immediately.. once in a month is too much. i just bath once or twice a year(in 1995 i didn't bath even once)....

it's so good to have the natural odour of the body, unlike the ppl who bath daily and use those disgusting things like soap and deo...what?!

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