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Cap'n Donna
Why do i have a sore throat every night and in the day time i am fine?
sore throat every night but none in the day time

Andre ... aka kook_car
!. You might be sleeping with a open mouth, thus drying your throat. Try closing it.

2. The air in your room is too dry. Try adding a humidifier.

You could have an allergen in your bedroom or pillows

A few people have mentioned allergies, and that could be it. If your nose and sinuses get congested, you won't be able to breathe through your nose at night when you lay down. Then you have to breathe through your mouth, and your throat gets all dried out. This always happens to me when I have a cold.

make sure you open your window for some time during the day. Your room needs to air out. Change your pillow and pillowcases. Get an air filterer.

You may be sleeping with your mouth open, which will cause your throat to be dry and parched feeling sore when you wake up. If it is B-4 you go to sleep, then it could be your sinuses draining. Mine drain when the weather cools off in the evenings, but during the day I sometimes have to take Sudafed to make them drain, so I don't get all stuffed up. Drainage can make your throat sore, your teeth and mouth to get sore and hurt, and your ears hurt. Solutions: see your family doctor, take an over the counter sinus medication, drink lots of water. Water thins out mucus, and makes drainage much easier.

-Do you use mouthwash or something that you don't use in the morning? I used to get that, then I realized I was allergic to green mouthwash. Could be dehydration. Maybe try drinking more water. Do you spend most of your day at home? If you spend it out, then come home at night, perhaps there is just something in the home you are allergic to. (Candles, cleaners, spouse, etc....)
Just kidding with the spouse thing.

Maybe you should see a doctor and if they have no answers then I would eat only organic. I hear of this problem a lot.

Josh S
Could be some mold in the house.

is it every night because if its just a recent thing you could just be getting sick

~miss mississippi~
This happens to me sometimes, esp when the weather starts to get cooler. You're trying to get an infection. Sore throats are usually worse at night. I started rinsing my mouth with Listerine daily and now it never happens. It has antiseptic in it that kills the germs. It also prevents plaque and gum diseases. The newer flavors are not so bad like original one.

Try getting some moisture into the air in your house. Just put on a huge pot of water and boil it. One at night and one in the morning. I'll bet you will be feeling better soon.

most likely your sinuses are draining while you sleep.

do you sleep with the fan on?
because when i sleep with a fan on, i always wake up with a sore throat.
i thinks it because of the cold air.

Because your room is probably too dry ... try turning on the humidifier for couple of hours or more before you go to bed.

I found that I get the same thing when I sleep with my mouth open. I am a snorer and when I wake up and I have a sore dry throat usually when I have had a bad snoring night. My wife gets mad at me cause she can't sleep. My cure is just gargle some warm water in the morning to get things moving again. You will be ok.

char g
It is possible that at night you sinuses are draining while you are sleeping. Do you wake up with a sore throat when you first get up? I would go see you family doctor if it continues to happen to you. He should be able to tell you what is wrong.

Sometimes i would get something similar. It was snoring coupled with what i was taking in - Feather Pillows! Plus sometimes the mattresses i slept on had some junk i was allergic too. Switch it up, sleep on the couch with non allergenic pillows or something.

Hope this helps!

possible allergies

Hot Lips 4077
you might have a mild allergic reaction to something that's in your bedroom--how old and/or dusty are your pillows, how often do you change your sheets, do you spray strong perfume and it lands on the carpet?

in the mean while, it might be as simple as you trying to get a cold but your immune system is fighting well, so that you only feel it when your body is the most tired. take a couple benadryl an hour before bedtime each night and see if that does the trick.

It's sinus drip that runs down the back of your throat. It's caused by the high mold count. You have allergies. Welcome to the club. Gargling with warm salt water with a teaspoon of salt per cup.

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