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 Last week I started getting a mild pain in my right side between the bottom of my ribs and the top of my hip?
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 Why do we have bad breath after waking up from sleep?

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i do brush, rinse and floss my teeth before sleeping.


 Should I be worried...??
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 Is two glasses of milk more dangerous than 2nd hand smoke?
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Is it true?...

 Does anybody suffer from "night terrors"?
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 Americans ...?
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No need to feel ...

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What is the proper way to sterilize a thermometer?...

 Could I have low blood pressure?
I'm an 18 yr. old male, who for the past year have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. I've turned into somewhat of a hypochondriac, but have gotten better about it.


 Why do I yawn so much? I sleep 7-8 hours a night which apparently is sufficient?

 Is it a good idea to get circumcised being an adult?

 I have kankels!!!!?
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 How do you use a saline nasal spray? Do you use it standing up sitting down or what?

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There were no directions on the bottle or packaging or their website....

 How do you quit smoking without using any of the gum or patches?
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 Why do I fart during every pap smear?
Does my body react during fear or is it from the thing they stick in my butt?...

 I been having a really hard time?
sleeping at night
i am only sleeping about 5 hours right now
is there a safe pill i could take ?
i dont have any allergies or anything....

 Somebody please help me? FAST!?
I was just sitting here writing my essay for school, when all of a sudden my heart started beating really fast for no reason. Why did this happen? What can I do if it does it again?...

Why do I weigh 8 pounds lighter in the morning?
I'm in my 40's and on meds for high BP, I do get up through the night to use the washroom,but find it hard to believe that a body could retain that much water any ideas?Also my scale does works fine!

mark r
8 lbs is a lot, usually 2-4 pounds is customary,you need to ask your doctor.

raven s
...that is odd, I mean it sounds like an awful lot of wieght to be retaining for just water. Are you weighing on the same scale?
Other than checking the scale's calibrations, I am stumped.

everyone weighs lighter in the morning....8 lbs. is a lot though...maybe because you haven't eaten for the day?

i have always heard that your morning weight is your true weight.


The Oregon Kid
I fluctuate about that much because of epilepsy medication.

Snow Wolf
maybe because u haven't eat anything then .. and ur stomach is empty .. :D

Correct body weight is always in the morning, during the day you eat & drink that contributes to the extra weight

Jeff L
maybe its all water weight some pills make you retain water so you pee it all out in the morning and bam 8 pounds lighter.

because in the morning you really haven't eaten as much than in the night time.

Jaime L
You have a huge BM at night.

well some of it is probably from using the bathroom the rest is just like that cause u havent eaten in awhile i way sometimes 3 pound less

I am on BP meds too and up at night frequently. You do lose the water at night. Plus you are not filling your body up with the fluids during the night to replenish what you lost. 8 lbs does sound like a lot. But it probably is the BP medicine.

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