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Why do I fall asleep on car journeys?
When I am in a car as a passenger, within minutes I drop off to sleep, I cannot keep my eyes open. Every few minutes I awake, startled, if the car has to pull up suddenly, or if my head falls forward! It tends to be worse if I have just eaten. I never get to enjoy the countryside because I sleep through most of it, but only for a few minutes at a time. How ever hard I try, I cannot stay awake! Can anyone explain why?

Why do i always answer dumb questions?

Next time, try driving the car yourself and see if that keeps you awake........ or maybe not.

Though more seriously it's tricky to say from my point of view. I'd normally put it down to boredom, or being in a very relaxed state of mind, but I wouldn't go so far as to assume you've any sort of sleeping disorder.

how could you???


How many parents take their offspring out in the car to get them to sleep?
Must be something to do with the motion of the car and the monotonous drone of the engine.
Worked with a chap some years ago, who was asleep within 1/2 mile of setting off, really asleep and snoring.
I do it all the time, and I`m the driver, only joking on that one.

cause you are a car baby like me! lol the movement of a car just knocks us out lol

Scotsman in Chile
its called motorway hypnosis, relaxation of movement. many of us have it if we are comfortable with who is driveing

I have the same problem! It seems like the movement of the car is really relaxing so you drift off to sleep faster, but you still might want to get checked out by a Dr.

There are many factors here I think,

Eating to your fill naturally makes one tired anyway

While in smooth motion the body naturally relaxes unless you are anxious or have worries which will normally stop you sleeping anyway

Its also psycological as well

honey i wish i could help u on this but, u might need to go head & see ur Doctor, im sure he can tell u more, because ur really serious about this arent u? and u do want real answers right? and people on here do not take that as serious as you do...trust me!

c w
You may have a sleep disorder, go to the dr and get it checked out!!

the crusader
Maybe because you're bored?

doodlebop xx
the monnotmy of the car motion i guess...

It seems like the motion of the car puts you to sleep. Most people feel sleepy after eating so the fact that it's worse after you eat makes sense. For some people the motion of the car has an effect. Some people get sick and others get sleepy. If this is something you have been doing as a child, it may be even harder to break since you associate moving car with sleep.

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