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robin j
Why do I fall asleep after eating?

actually after u eat ure body kinda converts the food into energy this process usually takes place while ure asleep so maybe tht might be the reason.

maybe because you are tired!

You probably eat alot and you go into this food coma. It's where the body tells you to rest while it digest your food. It's normal. If you don't like falling asleep after eatting try eatting small amout at a time.

Because you are a python.

too full to do anything else so enjoy it

some foods have chemicals in them which blocks chemicals in ur brain

Following a good meal, the blood is being directed to the stomach for the digestion process. It would have less need elsewhere so, sleepiness is the result

oye !!
well i will answer ur question only after u answer mine...lol

my question is "y do i feel asleep all the time !!!"" ??? lol
seriously...full day ..i feel sleepy..and even after i sleep..i stillf feel more sleepy... *yaawwn*

Lord Worple
Because you are human - eating makes humans sleepy.

In the morning, you are, most likely, half awake when you eat; so when you eat you don't notice the topor that sets in.

At lunchtime, though, you do notice the topor. Hence the siesta.

At night, well, who thinks it's odd to get all yawny at night?

because it was a bloody good nosh up!!

Veston Pants
When we eat a large meal our brain stimulates the production of endorphins. These make one sleepy in the correct amounts after a meal. We feel good and relax.
Interestingly (in very simple terms) massive amounts of these chemicals are released in the brain after ingestion of narcotics such as heroin...you have been warned!!!

connie j
I believe that all the blood in the body rushes to your stomach area to scoop up all the nutrients to carry it back to the rest of your body. So by nature blood is being pulled from the brain only to come back to give it nutrients. Also you should take some vitamins and minerals on a daily basis along with exercising for at least 30 minutes per day.

maybe u ate more than ur body required

dj raz
Because u may be eating unhealthy food a lot

blood has gone from your brain to digest food.

Is it possible someone close to you is drugging your food? It's probably someone you least expect....

Because you get tired...

Because after eating blood flow to stomach increases while that to brain decreases which causes sleep

something about blood flowing to the stomach to digest food

You fall asleep after eating because your tummy is full and it needs time to digest your food .Its not to comfortable to run around with a full tummy,it is more comfortable to lay down while your body is digesting the food you have eaten. You can eliminate this by not eating so much at one time.
Bonn a pit eat

cos you eat too much in one meal and probably of the wrong foods

Jillian Day A
you can look up the info for it on www.webmd.com
maybe they can tell you but i would say that your body is just resting and digesting

May have eaten too much of the wrong food or both. Or simply eating too late in the evening.

your bodies working double time to digest the food which makes u sleepy

Because your stomach is full and thats what makes ou tired....

carlos s
To stop falling asleep, what I did is stop eating bread or pasta foods in the morning or afternoon. for example its like 11:40am and if I eat a two pieces of bread I would fall asleep, change the foods you eat and bam...

my body sugar level increase.
stomach vessels require extra blood to digest food resulting decrease in blood supply to brain so one feels sleepy

it might be just a bad habit you grew up with, most babies go to sleep after being dried, fed, burped...then they sleep in peace. perhaps you dont have too much of an active lifestyle, so, your body, being accustomed to only basic activities, carries on in that pattern and even though you've now realized that that is not what other people normally do, its not so easy for you to break the pattern?
i dont know much about you, your question is very brief but, perhaps, you should have a small meal and go for a small walk every time you eat something. train yourself to keep your body awake after eating. lots of carbs (bread, cakes, rice, potatoes) slows down the body's metabolism and natural rhythms, cut back on that (dont do a total deprivation so that your body retaliates with rebellion and find yourself back where u started, maybe worse). drink lots of water, 2litres per day on its own helps you to shed weight if u need to and to keep the body's circulation going strong. by the way, when i was a regular gym member (only for 12 years plus) i learnt in all that time that the more regularly you exercise, the more your body is generally alert and awake (yet restful and peaceful at night because exercise helps the body release a natural 'feel good' hormone called endorphins) so if u regularly exercise, it can even help beat depression and lift your moods!
I hope somewhere in amongst all this info, you'll find something useful, take care.

Because your blood flow is going to ur stomach to digest your food taking it away from the rest of your organs, causing you to become lethargic and sleepy. Its good to sleep after food

Your body uses a lot of enegry to break down the food you eat. This is why if you eat a large meal filled with fat you will find yourself very tired afterwards.

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