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Why can an air bubble in ur blood kill you?!?

Well it is call Air Embolism which is bubble of the air in the artery may cause obstruction of blood flow. Symptoms include pain in chest and breathlessness. It may lead to sudden heart failure. It may result on injection, injury or surgery... hope you get the information that u want ya..

its an embolism and interupts bloodflow. if you are overweight or anaemic or suffer high blood pressure its RIP.

it can't but large amounts of air in the blood stream could be harmful

yes, if it is large enough. Air can be stretched so it could restrict or stop flow to parts of the body (depending on where abouts in the body the air is). it is rather much like an external filter on a fish tank... if the hoses have air in them, it will not work properly.

When you have an injection, the syringe is always checked or shaken to remove all air bubbles as it can be dangerous.

Not kill u..as far as i know..it can cause severe problems.

Prevents blood from circulating.

ollie cola
yes it can when it reaches the heart

'Dr Greene'
Oh yes.

because it stops the blood from pumping around your body properly, which causes blood clots, in certain parts of the body, this is fatal

Errrm, yes it can when it reaches the heart!

Thats why when u get injected they let the air go to the top then 'Spurt' some solution out to make sure theres no air...

Think its to do with once the air gets to the heart, like if you syphon water and get an air break the syphoning stops.

Potentially it can if it reaches the heart or the brain as it can disrupt the way the heart pushes works (as can i the brain)

Yes, but it takes a large amount over 10cc/ml. All blood flows through your vital organs (brain, heart, lungs) these are the organs that keep you alive. When air is introduced into these organs it is like a blood clot, it interrupts the flow of blood thus the flow of oxygen to those vital organs and death can occur.


Laura H
because if it reaches your lungs it stops the passage of blood, something like that

Devil M
Bubbles of air in the circulating blood can cause death or brain damage, if the air bubble cuts off the blood supply to your brain.

However, according to Dr. Barry Wolcott MD, FACP, senior vice president of clinical affairs for WebMD Health, "In general, the small amount of air that can be introduced by a typical syringe is not large enough to cause a fatal air embolism (an air embolism is similar to a blood clot)."

Dr. Wolcott explained, "the large amounts of air that can quickly enter through a large plastic catheter which is open to the air — like those placed in the neck or under the collarbone during resuscitations in hospitals and at accident scenes — can be fatal, especially if the patient inhales forcefully while the catheter is open to the air."

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