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also feel tiredness regularly....

 My gran used to bight her toe nails and spit them into my grandads dinner after they d been arguing.?
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 Ay i need help.dnt know what to do? i need help NOW?
okk i keep waking up late..around 6pm and then stayin awake till 9am

and i dnt like it

right now its 10:40am

been up all night

and im tired but if i go to ...

 When you take charlie how does it make you feel?

 Why cant I sleep in on a weekend?
I go to bed at 11pm most nights, I just cant sleep past 7am, as soon as I wake up I have to get up , I try to lie there but cant. I have a fulltime job and worked since I was 16, im now 34 and i'...

 Whats the best thing for cracked, chapped lips?
Everytime the weather changes, my lips get chapped. I keep messin with them untill they crack open. HELP ME...

Why am i always tired? I have no energy and want to sleep, have been to doctors many times to no avail?
I cant sleep at night have no energy and never want to go out. I get up at 6am six days a week as I own a newsagents. I live on the premisis so there is not much privacy. I dont work all day every day. I only do 2 long shifts and have sundays off. I have loads to do but just cant face it. My body hurts most of the time and that in turn gets me down.

Food intolerance - to wheat/gluten or dairy products.
Also depression.

Same happened with me... could be depression.

i have the same problem somewhat
since my father is a psychiatrist, i have talked to him
i hav been tryin a medication called Effexor RX (Antidepressant)
i feel like i have alot more energy and not as tired
i dont feel like sleeping in or sleeping early
my daily routin cannot be changed easily too

ask your doctor how to try these weekly samples

Sounds very much like you're suffering from depression. You should talk to your doctor about it.. it's very common, esp during winter months when we don't get as much sunlight. You're def not alone though and there are loads of options for treatment.. light boxes ( if it is s.a.d.), St. John's Wort, B complex, fish oils will all help or anti-depressants, therapy. etc Hope you feel better soon and good luck.

Classic signs of stress and depression. Get more exersize....the best medicine for stress reduction and fighting fatigue. But it sounds as if this will be a problem, as ou are having trouble getting out. So.... You will most definately benefit, as well as I from B-vitamins bought from your local Pharmacy. I use them, and get tons of energy. The only thing is to eat first, or You might get irratible when they wear off. Meditation & Yoga helped Me feel like a brand-new person (when I went!!!) Seek professional advice, as You probably need an anti-depressant. Noone wants to admit depression, as it seems like You have a flaw, but left untreated, can make you suicidal, angry all the time, resentful, ect...and Just take it from Me, nip this stuff in the bud now or You will suffer greatly on the long-term!!! Therapy too. Best of luck, I will pray for You!!!!!! Jenny in Michigan

I used to be like that. Started exercising & eating fruit&veg. A few weeks later I found I had a lot more energy.

The docotor won't do anything - all they'll do is say you shouldn't be getting up so early for 6 days a week.

If you own it give yourself some time off! maybe a break is what you need!

good luck

Well, as you can clearly see by the answers,
there are many reasons for your problem!
You need to narrow it down a bit more!
There are good answers here!
The one from the nurse is very good.
Do you have trouble sleeping?
You may want to address that first?
Prepare yourself for a good nights sleep!
Some hot tea, a hot bath, and getting to bed at a reasonable time, allowing yourself at least 8 hours of rest should help!
Your body needs at least 5 hours of REM sleep to properly restore it's self, if you don't get that? Your system will simply take it!
Leaving you very tired during the day!
Try some deep breathing excersises before bedtime!
Keep your body properly hydrated!
Drink Pure Water, not soda or juice, and obviously, avoid caffine at night!
IF you smoke? STOP IT NOW,
That's just stupid, and all these answers are in vain.
Organize your work so you have a stopping point and you don't worry about what you should have done.
Organization is the key for many things.
If your not on a daily vitamin regiment?
You should be!
Especially if you don't eat properly.
Don't eat heavy meals at night!
It's best to eat light meals every 2-3 hours,
and don't eat after 7:00 pm.
This should help to keep your sugar level even.
Without knowing what kind of physical health your in? your age or medical history?
It's like walking through fog trying to help you!
No one can really give you one single answer, Only make suggestions.
I'm a registered Massage Therapist, so naturally I'm going to tell you that getting a massage would also be something that will help, especially after work, to help you end the day!
There are too many factors to give you one good answer, without knowing more about you.
The One liner answer? See a doctor, get on a good vitamin plan, get the proper sleep, and try to relax at night.
But then you knew all this..right?

You need exercise outside of the work environment. Make a point of going out, start with just a long walk somewhere nice. Then progress to other social activities - joint the local sport facilities

You definitely need to go see a naturopath, bad dietary habits??? You're probably not getting enough vitamins and minerals in your body to do anything efficiently...............Please have more respect for your body.........you, after all, have to live there, make it enjoyable!!!.............Go to chemist and buy up on Vit.A., Vit.C., Vit.D., Calcium tablets, Multivitamin B complex, Vit.E. then go see the Naturopath pronto........:)

Has your doctor discussed depression with you? Fatique and achiness are some of the symptoms.

I'm a nurse. I think you should see another doctor, something is wrong. It could be you need vitamins (it sounds like an iron deficiency). Try taking OTC iron pills and switch shifts. Your body probably can't handle you work plan.Take care.

possible depression...

Have you had blood tests done? Particularly for aenemia and underactive thyroid? If not,please go back to the doctor and request these blood tests.

Hmmmm..... have you ever researched the possibility of fibromyalgia? A lot of doctors don't really know how to treat it, but I have heard that certain vitaimin supplements can help the condition. If I were you, I'd research it until I found some answers or possibilities. Talk to your doctor about it.

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