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Joe Mama
When you get strep throat, do you feel really sick or is it just a nuisance (minor soarness in throat)?

Additional Details
It just feels really hard to swallow. Otherwise I feel fine.

You feel sick. Strep throat is nothing to mess with. It can actually lead to Rheumatic fever and endocarditis. (Inner heart infection.)
Have it checked. Better safe than sorry.

Usually it is a really bad sore throat, one that makes you not even want to swallow that is caused by strep throat.

I feel really sick!! ;(

you would get a high fever and chills and feel really sick for a couple of days. and it feels like you have a frog stuck on your throat. If you had strep you would see white spots on the back of your throat.

I had it last year.. you do eventually feel really sick. I started off with just a scratchy throat, coughing at first, then you get to the point where you just can't swallow anymore. My head started to hurt and you just want to stay in bed.. voice crackles too.

My doctor prescribed penicillin and a green liquid that you gargle with to help with getting rid of the phlegm. Talk to your doctor (whether it be a walk-in clinic or otherwise) and get them to decide what meds you should take. If it's in the early stages, you can nip it in the butt before it gets any worse.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

you feel kind of nocess som times and u dont want to eat because it hurts to swallow

my two cents
When I had it I was sicker than a dog! I had a temp of 104 and I could barely swallow the saliva in my mouth. I just laid down on the sofa and used a wash cloth to catch the drool...It was NO fun!

For strep I could not swallow and it was extremely painful, and I had a high fever.

As far as I know, symptoms are usually a very swollen throat, painful swallowing, and sometimes symptoms related to a nasal infection. If you're feeling sick to your stomach, it could be from mucus running down your throat and into your stomach, thus upsetting it.

I have had strep throat several times. It starts out as you say but it will get lots worse and is very painful. ( will dread swallowing) gargle with salt water and see a dock if you feel worse or start running a fever. Feel better soon Good Luck.

me w
The first time I contracted strep throat, I was so sick I thought they were lying when they said I "only" had strep. I could not even drive myself to the med. appointment. I was sure I had the bird flu or plague! It started with a sore throat and swollen glands, then came the fever and body aches, then I had nausea.... So now if I start getting a sore or scratchy throat I immediately get a culture so that I can take care of it before I get into the death stages. It does vary from person to person, my daughter has had but does not get as sick.

Becky H
It depends on the person. I had strep throat and it was just a really bad sore throat with a fever. I've also seen people get it and have extremely bad headaches, vomitting, and really high fevers. In either case you should go to the doctor. Strep can be nasty and cause permenant damage to glands and doesn't go away on its own. It is also HIGHLY contagious. So be kind to those around you if you suspect that you have it and get checked out. 24 hours on antibiotics and you are no longer contagious.

Buzz s
How sick are you? If you have a bad case, you are very sick. If it is a light case, the fever may be all you experience.

hey joe ive had strep throat my entire life at least once a year.first u start off with a sore throat and it gets really red and swollen then you get whitle pumps in the glands that make it impossible to swallow then it proceds to give you a high fever and very achey bones.I usually end up going to the er and getting antibiodics and pain meds so i can swallow at least something to drink.you need to be very carful because it can enter other parts of your body if not taken care of correctly and people have passed on from it.if you get any worse go see your dr and get an antibiodic hope u feel better soon

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