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When it rains, my knees...?
when it rains, or a few hours before it rains, my knees really hurt. the pains like.. quite dull i guess. it doesnt get any better or worse if i ove my legs to different positions.
is there something wrong? LOL.
Additional Details
forgot to say, im only 15. ;D

Stop kneeling in puddles.

you most likely have osteoarthritis

There is nothing wrong but buddah had the same pains before it rained so you might be a reincarnation

its probably a bit of arthritis. the changes in the air temperature, moisture and air pressure can all affect the joints of our bodies.
my g/f gets exactly the same thing, its nothing to worry about. just take some ibuprofen.

Arthiritis maybe

i get the same thing all the time!! sometimes in my ankles aswell. my kids call me the witch doctor cos my knees can predict the weather!! hot soak in the bath usually helps and it seems to hurt less if i stretch out.

Could be a touch of arthritis, it doesn't only affect the elderly. See your Dr.

it could be rheumatoid arthrittis. Are you sure it's on the knee (joint)? It could be because of the cold temperature brought by the weather. I temporarily treat mine by rubbing it with a steamed towel.

Its due to low atmospheric pressure. With early wear and tear (osteoarthritis), changes in atmospheric pressure effect blood flow and joint pressures making them ache..... its why they feel so good after a day or two in Spain (along with the booze)

that sounds like arthritis see your gp to have some blood tests to find out for sure

country boy
same here,,,, arthur ritus i reckon

you know what i saw something on tv about that. they were doing a report on people that have aches and pains when bad weather is coming.

collie wobbles
that's what happens to me all the time.in fact there aching now.my dad gets it too.but hes got arthritis now.so i went to the doctors and told them and they said its a very mild form of it.I'm only 20 and its happened for years.its due to the humidity in the air, it kinda makes your joints swell.the doctors dive me some cream (like a cooling anti swelling cream)i tried it for abit, but to be honest with you it was crap,that crap i cant remember the name of it.but if you get any good cream please let me know.

Miranda Eliza
I think this is quite normal, but better have it checked just in case it could be arthritis.
I broke my leg many years ago and I get a slight pain in it before/during bad weather. My doctor told me there was nothing to do about it.
It could also be that some people are more sensitive to weather changes than others.

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