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bik k
Whats worse smoking or second hand smoking?
I had 1 puff of regular smoking..... but im always at bars where i get 2 hand smoke what is worse ?

Probably both as equally dangerous

i'm not sure which is worse medically, but probably smoking. in my opinion though, second hand smoke is much worse, just because there's not really anything you can do to avoid it.

If given the same amount, obviously smoking is worse...The second hand smoke is filtered by the smoker.

Frankie P

alex o ududo
cancer,& hart failur

Kathy R
second had is worse due to you don't control it and it is unfiltered coming out of the end of the cigarette. some non-smokers have gotten cancer due to second hand smoke

Both, because if you are smoking you know what you're going to deal with but if you don't smoke and are revealed for second hand smoking then you are in a trouble with having no fault at all. But smoking causes more danger than second hand smoking.

Greg H
Smoking the cigarette yourself is typically worse. Although much has been made of second hand smoke, there has never been any evidence that second hand smoke is directly responsible for anyone contracting a smoking related illness, such as cancer. With that said, second hand smoke cannot be good for you, either.

In the grand scheme of thing, the occasional cigarette or hanging out in smoky places a few hour a weeks are not going to kill you. Just be cautious that the latter doesn't develop into a smoking habit.

Smoking is worse as you inhale concentrated smoke either thru the filter or thru your nose, as compared to second hand smoke where you inhale less concentrated smoke.

second hand.....that's why all these weird laws are going down.

xzone fan..
second hand smoking that really smells bad.

Well, since the smoker is getting both the same general air being breathed by the non-smoker in her presence and is also getting the intentionally and deeply inhaled concentration of filth directly through the burning cigarette, I'd say the 1st-hand smoker is much worse off. Not only that, but a lot of the smoke filling a room's atmosphere has been filtered, not just by the filter of the cigarette, but also by the poor smoker's tired, aching, sticky lungs.

2nd-hand is by its nature more removed from anything than 1st-hand, so it just figures that way, whether for the better or for the worse. It's hard to get high in a room full of other people smoking pot when you take no hits yourself, you know? Same with regular cigarettes, it would seem.

yep on odd occasions I also puff even inhale it's like a boot in the head reminds me of misspent youth. It is however worse than 2nd hand stuff however neither are good so look out for other places you can go to where your body won't be subjected to this kind of abuse some places that are more upmarket hopefully they are more thoughtful about your health furthermore parks and gardens can also be good for a change and the views can be incredible. The year has just started so go for a change even if only for a bit of a change It's like a holiday and the fresher air will put a spring in your step .........it's so good to be able to breath deeply

Second hand smoke is unfiltered so it's actually just as bad or worse.

research have shown that people who are constantly exposed to smoke (aka, 2nd hand smoking) are at a greater risk of getting sick than people who smoke regularly. Not insanely mind you.

Unless you smoke and 2nd hand smoke. That's another story altogether.

kevin p
2nd hand! i know because i have lung problems because my mom would smoke right outside my room when i was a baby with the window open(it was summer i suppose)

Barbara S
Smoking is definately worse for you, and I'll explain in a bit. First of all, being in a bar with second hand smoke will be worse than just one puff of a cigarette, because you are being continuously exposed.. But I highly doubt if it's enough to give you lung cancer, unless you would have gotten it anyway. Some people are just more suseptible to cancer.

Second hand smoke, however, is not worse for you than smoking itself, and here's why. People say that the worst part of the cigarette is filtered out into the air, but if you are a smoker, you inhale the smoke from the cigarette, AND you are breathing the second hand smoke. Therefore, it just doesn't make sense that someone breathing two kinds of smoke is better off than the person breathing the second hand smoke.

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