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 I cant understand why people want to smoke?they don,t realise that it is dangerous for health ?

 What are the signs that someone is regularly smoking weed?
mentally, socially, and phyically?
Appreciate all your answers?...

 I haven't eaten for 12 hours?
I haven't eaten for 12 hours and I'm not planning to, I can't eat, I've just got my braces on and it hurts like a ******* , will anything bad happen if I don't eat for the ...

 I smoked marijuana exactly 22 days ago. And wondering if its still in my system. Can I get it out in 4 days?
I smoked marijuana exactly 22 days ago. But it was from a pipe and only smoked from it about ten times. And I keep wondering if its still in my system. I might be taking a urine test in 4 days and I ...

 Need sleeping remedies?
any advice how to get rid of pretty bad insomnia ... partly affected by extreme worry and stress and erm 30 degree summer heat plus cars outside the window especially early in the morning... thanks!!...

 I cant sleep!any ideas?
Ahh i cant sleep and it's 11 aclock i should be sleeping but i dont know why im not sleeping.I have Insomnia and everybody inmy house is asleep but me can anybody suggest anything so that i can ...

 My pulse rate and blood pressure are extremely low; should I worry?
My average pulse rate is approximately 41 bpm.
The past four times I attempted to measure my blood pressure using both the large pharmacy grade and the personal cuff type measuring devices, the ...

 What do left hand numb fingers mean?
This happens usually at night, during sleep. I wake up and find my fingers numb and have to change position....

 Is it true that people who always bath in cold water are shorter?
I just wonder.....because someone said that the reason of being short is bathing in cold waer and i always use cold water when I bath....

Heya again :D
well i found out that my severe sore throat was strep throat,and its the fifth time ive had it this year!
I have to get my Tonsils taken out. What is it like? does it hurt? ...

 Alcohol Issues?
I want to quit drinking, but don't know how. I don't drink every day, mainly at the weekend. But when I do drink, I go completely over the top and get obliterated, which is causing severe ...

 Why am I always hot?
I have always been hot natured, but even when I crank the a/c down to 60 I'm burning up. At night I have to sleep naked with the a/c and fan and I feel like I feel like I'm toasting, it ...

 Argh my eyes!!!?
My eyes are stinging and for the last few days felt like something is in each eye right at the back under the lid. It feels like a stye "feeling" but lots of little bits everytime i blink. M...

 How do I stay awake and alert all day but I hate coffee?

Additional Details
I tried to tea but it doesn't help so much. Coffee makes me ill and so do those caffeine pills....

 Does smoking make you depressed?
I think it does gradually, along with drinking.

It boosts you up for awhile, but then it makes you worse later.

what do you think??

why is this you think?...

 Very painful chest with the consumption of alcohol?
I am a young female (under 25) of normal health and weight. Before dinner this evening I had a glass of sprite and rum (about 1 1/2 - 2 shots of rum) and after two or three minutes I started feeling ...

 Does anyone know any cure for my fever thats been high for almost a week?
My temperature has been going up and down, from around 103.5 to 100.4....

 Weird sensation?
whenever i lay down for an hour or two and when i get up to go to the restroom or something like all the blood rushes to my head or something and i feel very dizzy and sometimes i can barly stand up ...

 What does it mean when your left arm, hand and fingers become numb??
It's been like that for about a week and a half. It's sort of numb but hurts at the same time! When I take tylenol, it goes away. Would anyone know what that means??
Additional D...

 Random muscle twitching? Is that normal?
I sometimes have what seems to be random twitching of muscles in my legs. It used to be primarily in my calf muscles. I'm currently experiencing it in my thy towards the front (the quadriceps ...

Whats the proper way to wipe one's butt?
Totally serious, but its not something people ever really talk about. How do YOU wipe your butt after a dump? From behind, from front, standing up?

Always an interesting topic. I talked this over with my wife in the past and we had a good chuckle.

I stand, wipe with my right hand from behind. How people manage to wipe while sitting on the throne from the front is beyond me. I stand always, she sits. I stand and like to check for consistency in the bowl. Make sure nothing weird in there.

Also, I use "wet wipes." Quit using toilet paper as too rough for my sensitive bum. Much happier now that I am refreshed when wiping.

you'r enot supposed to wipe from the front, it can make you very sick

Kari F
Wipe from the front to the back (not back to front) in one stroke, otherwise you can yourself an infection.

Girls dont poo.

Well being a girl, i go from front to back..it's the only way because if you do the opposite you can get infections...

ronald r
I do it while I'm sitting and lean to the left since i wipe with the right hand. go from front to rear. i wipe the whole area several times and after that's clean i wipe the inside of the crack cheeks making sure nothing got spread around on them. if all is clear then I'm done wiping then ill piss and wipe my ----- off. then flush the toilet, wash my hands. now if i had been eating a lot of peanut butter i would really have to spend sometime in the bathroom wiping, butt that's a different story.

wash it

Funny how one question can make the whole office laugh when it is read out loud.

Some good points in the prior answers though. You should always wipe from front to back to avoid the chance of getting a Urinary Tract Infection. This is especially important if you are a female. I like the one about guys just make sure to wipe.

Still laughing and learning. Good Luck!

I'd recommend wiping away from your garbage at all costs, I'd also stay clear from standing up, but if your in the habit at least stand like Captain Morgan if not for sanitation then for style. happy wiping.

Just wash it like muslims do and two times wash it
it is the best way to clean yourself

For a girl, wipe from front to back. For a guy, just make sure you wipe

2 swipes up, 1 swipe down. I think chicks get it easier because they have less hairy butts. Don't you hate the eternal wipes where your butt just doesn't get clean...

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