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je pense donc, je suis.
Whats the best thing to do after throwing up, drink water? eat? do nothing at all?

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Ok.. I should mention that I think its because I took pain killers on an empty stomach..

tommy lee45
drink more booze!

Brush teeth, then chocolate milk

Drink a soft drink such as

Itl settle your stomach and take the taste away

Rinse mouth, brush teeth, sip water, and eat a few crackers so if you throw up again, you're not doing it on an empty stomach. That's the most painful kind.

Eat bananas, it replaces the potassium lost when you puked, and also drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Get medical attention if you keep puking after 2 hours.
Hope you feel better soon!
Hattie xx

depends on what you're asking... what is it you're trying to accomplish after you throw up? Why did you throw up? If you drank too much and you're trying to sober up... I would say go to sleep. If you're ill and you're throwing up I'd try drinking small amounts of water frequently. Either way you're stomach is upset so eating is seldom a good option. But regardless of why you threw up, its always a good idea to brush your teeth and tongue... I know after I brush my teeth I always chew gum. But if you're going to sleep thats probably not a good idea.

Lacey P
Hot chicken broth and saltine crackers

Brush your teeth so you do not smell like barf and do not try to eat or drink anything till your stomach settles down.

try to drink water so you dont get dehydrated

I frequently have to take painkillers and my doctor and pharmacist both told me to eat a small meal with bread before I take them and to eat crackers and water if I get an upset stomach while they are in my system. Hopefully this will help you!

drink plenty of water keep hydrated if still being sick seek medical advice

Drink water
Then Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth, try to hydrate yourself with Gatorade or Powerade, and get some rest.

you should brush your teeth because the acids wwill ruin your teeth, then i would suggest saltine crakers then food :) hope you feel better! THROWING UP IS NOT GOOD!

Collin W
I like to drink water after I have been throwing up, washes me out and gets the nasty taste out of my mouth.

If I've been throwing up a lot in a row, I either don't eat anything or eat very very little.

My mom always says that milk based products make it worse. Don't know how much truth there is to that, but I obey anyway. :)

Rinse your mouth out, sip on some water, and try to eat just a piece of bread.

Ambivalent Bittern PJA
Drink water, since vomiting repeatedly can lead to dehydration. Whether to eat or not depends on the reason for throwing up. In general, don't eat immediately, but if you're throwing up because you're pregnant, then eating would be the best thing to do. But it's the water that is important.

EDIT: if it's from taking paracetamol on an empty stomach, then I would say that eating something easy to digest would be a good idea - after you've drunk some water.

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